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Michigan State Football Sucks

MIchigan State Lineman
I Shoulda Passed On That Chili Via DetroitFreePress

Is it an overreaction to declare a college football team's season doomed with 15 minutes to the first game of the season? Nope. Not when it's obvious that no one on the field...from the coaches to the players...have any business being there. That MSU-Rutgers swillfest was a disaster of epic proportions...if you were rooting for MSU that is. I don't want to hear how MSU had 7 turnovers...yes 7...and "only" lost by 11 points...and it was the first game of the season...blah...blah. This is Big Ten football...and it was a blowout. MSU is an untalented...and uninspired team. Rutgers on the other hand (which has not won a Big Ten game in three years), did not look like a typical Rutgers team. What the hell went wrong here? Is Rutgers much better than anyone expected...or is MSU a train wreck? Here's a hint: that light at the end of the tunnel has a whistle.

Tale Of Two Teams

Mel Tucker
Oh...We'll Beat Rutgers Son Via DetroitFreePress

Both teams have new coaches. MSU's Mel Tucker inherited the Mark Dantonio dumpster fire (note: Mark was last seen waltzing around the MSU campus pulling in a 7 figure salary for doing nothing...and frequenting "hookah" cafe's in the greater Lansing area). Greg Schiano returned to Rutgers after 9 years. It's readily apparent that Schiano took advantage of the NCAA's COVID exemption to allow in-year college transfers....and got a lot of talent on his team over the last 6 months. On the other hand, it appears Mel Tucker just went with Dantonio's guys and figured that was good enough. The talent difference on the field was remarkable. Rutgers was simply bigger and all positions. In fact...when I first turned the game on and MSU had the ball...I thought I had a high school football game on by mistake...they were that slow. Some guy named Rocky Lombardi is MSU's starting quarterback....this is a guy that could not beat out the previous QB (Brian Lewerke...who was awful) for the job...and what did we expect...exactly from this situation? Sorry Mel...if you want to win any games in the Big Ten...this is not good enough.

This Ai'nt Fansville

Mark Dantonio
Dear Michigan Taxpayer: Sure Beats Working Via

I am a fan of college football in's usually a fairly entertaining product. However I refuse to be a fan of any team anymore. I follow MSU...since I went there...and the Big Ten in general...but big time college football teams deserve dispassionate scrutiny. Can MSU salvage their season?...ask a fan and you'll probably get the answer you want to hear. For me...they are a crap team.

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