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American Football: Now This Is Reality TV!

Trevor Lawrence
I'm Not At Clemson Anymore Via USAToday

Who the hell needs to watch so called reality TV when we have college football and the NFL in this country? When Fall arrives, the hits just keep on coming.

Urban Leyer

Urban Meyer
Urban's...Grandkids? Via Twitter

Lots of ink has already been expended on this dope. You can watch the infamous bar video if you want, but that's not even the worst thing he did in my opinion. His dumbest move in all of this is the fact that he did not fly back to Jacksonville with his team after a Thursday night loss in Cincinnati. His reason: He wanted to remain in Ohio to "visit with his family and grandkids." Really? He has not yet won a game as an NFL coach...and this is part of his effort in order to do so? Because those flights between Jacksonville and Ohio are so hard to get...and so loooong? You couldn't have....I don't back with your team and then catch a Saturday evening flight...and return on Sunday? The problem with guys like this is that all their working lives they have been given a pass by a bunch of fawning pissants. Well Urban...somehow I don't think the NFL gives a shit about your days at Ohio State...or Florida etc. If the franchise owner has any sense at all he will admit this whole Urban show has been a debacle....and run this ass clown out of town now...

Chunky Gruden

Jon Gruden
They Used To Call Me Chucky Via CBSSports

That's not a typo...he is now Chunky Gruden. What the hell is up with this guy? I've never been able to figure Chunky out to be honest. He reminds me of an annoying jerk at a restaurant that you would love to smack. Somehow the fact that he sent a racist email does not surprise me. Is Chunky a racist? Hell if I know...but his email was certainly racist. And, as is typical of dopes like Chunky...he made it trying to explain himself out of it with some sort of weak sauce. How about admitting you made a mistake Chunky...and I don't everyone? I don't think Chunky is out of the woods yet on this...his days in Las Vegas may be numbered also. Yeah....winning matters in the NFL...but it's not 1975 anymore...its too important a business these days.

Alabama Football

Nick Saban
Coach Saban...Coach...Are You With Us coach? Via PENN

Quick...someone check to see if the earth is still on its proper axis...because Alabama lost a football an unranked opponent...for the first time since like...the Clinton administration. What the hell was that? Underachieving Texas A & M made Alabama look like dog shit. I know it's one loss....but you don't get to have 41 points hung on you by a crap team and still consider yourself elite. Saban looked like a stunned fish...not something you see very day. Can Alabama recover from this? They shouldn't..but then again they are will be given every break imaginable when the final CFP rankings come out.

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