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College Football Sucks (For Now)

Clemson football
Citadel Baby! Via CBSSports

Here is something that ESPN...CBSSN...FOXSports...ACC Network...NBC...CBS...ABC will not tell you: Their college football product is currently unwatchable. It's not their fault you say? Fine...just don't expect people to watch this crap just because college football is back. If it has not been clear before, it is crystal clear now, why the SEC...Big Ten and PAC 12 are the best...and most popular college football conferences in the country. Their absence so far...has been sorely missed. We are being fed a steady diet of ACC crap fests...North Texas State...Campbell (who the hell is this?)...The ACC is a joke...give the trophy to Clemson and spare us any more trash games. No ACC team from North Carolina...should be allowed on national television....ever. Sorry Big 12 fans...that conference has been exposed for what it is. Another pretender. The ACC and Big 12 decision to play non-conference games is a joke. I, for one, refuse to watch any of this garbage. How these announcers call this swill with a straight face is beyond me.

The Big Dogs Will Bark

Big Ten Football
December In Michigan ViaWPSY

The SEC starts playing a conference only schedule next weekend. This is we are spared their usual patsy-fests against the likes of Wofford and Georgia Southern. The Big 10 starts a conference only schedule in late October. Sure...we lost a few quality non-conference match-ups by their decisions...but I will gladly take this conference only approach over an Ohio State-Austin Peay snooze any dayr. 8 weeks....8 conference games....get to it. I'm not sure what the PAC 12 will do... but if they play, it will be non-conference also. What the rest of the conferences do is inconsequential...sorry MAC....and MWC....this is not your year.

And Now...The Detroit Lions

Lions head coach Matt Patricia
Drop The Bomb...Exterminate The Brutes Via USAToday

Is there a more irrelevant team in American professional sports than the Detroit Lions? After just two weeks....the Lions' season is over. They have never been to a Super Bowl....and have won a single playoff 62 years. What has been the one constant since 1963?....ownership by the Ford family! Start the! Don't wait....just get it over with. Fire all the the! Force the Ford's to sell the team..due to...being to stupid to own an NFL franchise. To hasty you say? Why wait! Bill Belichick loses the greatest quarterback of all time...and half his team...and still kicks ass with Cam Newton! Stop with the excuses Detroit...forget yea all hope.

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