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College Football Playoffs: They got it half right this time

Football line of scrimmage
Line of scrimmage

It is that time of year again. The four teams were selected for the College Football Playoffs (CFP). No real surprises with the four teams really. With the exception of the PAC 12, the Power Five conference championship games were all chalk. In fact, even if Ohio State, Clemson and LSU all lost, they would have probably still been selected. Which then begs the question, how significant are a lot of these conference championship games? Anyways, the results are in and the only real surprise was that LSU passed Ohio State and got the number one seed.


Football formation
Football formation

I watched a lot of the Power Five conference championship games this past Saturday. The only real surprise was seeing Utah get punched in the mouth by Oregon. That game was over in the first quarter. I figured the Baylor-Oklahoma game would be close and it was. I ignored the ACC Championship game for pretty much the same reason I have ignored the ACC all year. Who cares? They should have just given Clemson the trophy in September and most of us would not have noticed. LSU did their usual relentless game against Georgia and no real surprise there. Ohio State and Wisconsin was closer than I would have thought. Wisconsin came ready to play but eventually the more talented team prevailed.

At least not two SEC teams this time

Braking Bad character
I think we can get 'Bama in...

So what did the committee get wrong then? Ohio State should have remained the number one seed. If you look at the season in its totality, and not simply the conference championship game, when they had to come from behind to beat Wisconsin, Ohio State has the more impressive resume. Ohio State has beaten Wisconsin twice (#10), Penn State (#8), Michigan (#14) and Cincinnati (#21). They averaged almost 49 points a game vs 12 points against. Pretty dominant I would say. LSU beat Georgia (#5), Florida (#9), Auburn (#12) and Alabama (#13). I'm sorry SEC homers, that non conference win against Texas on the road is not really relevant as Texas finished 7-5 this year, so they were basically a bad team. Oh, by the way, LSU's other non conference opponents were Georgia Southern and Northwestern State. What! Wofford wasn't available? I thought Wofford was in the SEC as many teams that play them from that conference. Also, Northwestern State is a FCS team, and as I mentioned before, wins or statistics against those teams should not count, especially for a Power Five team. Disgraceful actually.

AAC = Almost A Conference

MSU coach Mark Dantonio
Wake who?

I am not being a Big Ten homer here. I have no love or affinity for Ohio State. I just wish the SEC zap in people's eyes would go away at some point. I guess we'll find out when they play each other later this month. I also see that Michigan State is playing Wake Forest in the Pinstripe Bowl. Whoopee. The most disappointing team in the Big Ten playing an irrelevant team from an irrelevant football conference. Probably a good time for a dental checkup.

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