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College Football Agonistes

Navy football player scoring touchdown
Touchdown Photo by Skeeze from Pixabay

It is hard to believe but there is only one weekend left in the college football "regular season". Then there are the conference championship games followed by the bowls. I watch a lot of college football so it is always bittersweet as Thanksgiving means the end of Saturday's staring at the TV all day long. I do have a few general observations.

Don't...touch...the remote

Camp Randall, University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin Photo by David Mark from Pixabay

First, I am tired of the crap non conference schedules of a lot of these Power Five Conference teams. Alabama played Duke, New Mexico State, Southern Mississippi and Western Carolina. Really? The excuse I hear is that the SEC conference is so tough that teams need a break so they schedule non-conference powder puff games. Well this year the SEC West outside of Alabama and LSU is a combined 26-29. Second, I don't care about college football individual statistics. They are meaningless really. Am I supposed to be impressed when the Clemson QB throws for multiple touchdowns agains Wofford? I suppose if you are a Heisman trophy geek then maybe you care. Third, I don't mind that traditional powers like Florida State, Miami, USC and Nebraska are in the tank, but can we get some more teams that can take their place? Lastly, Ohio State and LSU appear to be the most impressive teams I have seen so far. Alabama made it close against LSU, but they were never going to win that game. Clemson is killing teams lately, but most of them are lousy.

Local Observations

Female football referee Photo by HubertPhotography from Pixabay

I watch a lot of Big Ten football, but the University of Hawaii has a great product this year. Nick Rolovich is an excellent coach, and the team plays hard for this guy. I don't think Rolo has any midwest connections, but if Dantonio departs, this guy would be a great coach at Michigan State.

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