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Woodward Joins The Crapfest

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Beavis and Butthead
Trump And Woodward Via TheDurangoHerald

When Bob Woodward used to put a book out, it was always a must read. I mean this is the guy (along with Carl Bernstein) that did the investigative reporting on Watergate. However, he obviously peaked too early, and his latest book on Trump is a sad fall from grace. He does 18 interviews with Trump, in the last 6 months, puts it in a book, and expects us to give a crap. This is not a book.... it's a 500 page Playboy interview (remember those?)...of utterances by a man...who clearly does not care what he says...because he knows Americans either don't care...or don't give a shit. Here are some of Woodward's brilliant insights: Trump downplayed the coronavirus from the beginning...Trump has a secret weapon no one knows about (maybe it's a "doomsday machine" a la Dr. Strangelove)...Trump has no empathy...Trump advisors were worried about his behavior "and wanted to do something"...Wow...WTF Bob...where the hell have you been...hovering over a Selectric typewriter? This is not 1976...your book reveals nothing we don't know....or would surprise us. There is this thing called the interweb now....and Twitter....and electronic devices you may not be aware of. Please join Mr. Bolton...Mr. Kelly...and all the other dumbasses who tried to monetize their "insights" with crap books in your knotty-pine man-cave. If bookstores were still around, all their swill would be in the discount bin.

We Are Stupid...To A Point

Sheep People
Going Full Sheeple Via GishGallop

Yes...we know most Americans are pretty stupid...but there are some standards applied to what sort of swill they will spend theIr time on. Personally, I would rather binge an entire season of Mr. Ed than spend a minute listening to one of these fat, white dullards shilling their crap books. I kind of understand non-writers like Bolton and Kelly putting out swill...but Woodward was an investigative reporter...a journalist...He should have higher standards. With few exceptions, the best works of historical journalism require a little distance to evaluate the subject time period period in order to provide some context and insight. David Halberstam was the rare writer that could put out excellent books, with great insight, during the time period in question. His Making of a Quagmire, about U.S. problems in Vietnam, was published in June 1965...before US ground troops even began offensive operations. Woodward is no Halberstam.

And Another Thing...

Trump and Military
Where's The Doomsday Machine People? Via TheNYDailyTimes

The Atlantic Monthly is now crowing about how the draft dodger said "Americans that die in war are losers." What...the commander in chief actually said that...and worse..about American veteran's!? How dare he!!...harrumph...I hate to break it to you folks...but this should not be a surprise to anyone with half a brain. What sort of person do you think this ass clown is anyways? He says what he thinks...and that's exactly what he thinks...and always has. In fact, all the elites that manage to avoid wartime service feel the exact same way...they just don't usually say it. Chicken hawk/draft dodger Cheney said "I had more important things to do" (than serve in Vietnam). So please...can we stop with the outcry over what a pedophile/misogynst/racist/grifter has to say...about anything? I'm still convinced...beyond all doubt...that many Americans are just fine with it..because they agree.

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