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Hillsdale College: Stalked By Larry P. Arn

Larry P. Arn
Insane Clown Posse Via HillsdaleCollege

Six months ago I took Hillsdale College up on their offer of a free copy of the constitution. I was somewhat familiar with their situation and approach to higher education: Small private federal funding...adherence to western philosophy...emphasizes the study of Great Books...embrace of an "originalist" interpretation of constitution...founded by abolitionists. These are not necessarily bad things. However, after reading that disastrous 1776 Report I started to suspect that this supposed institution of higher education is a sham...and it is. It's run by a grifter named Larry P. Arn. Unfortunately, I am now on Larry's email list and I am bombarded with poorly written appeals to subsidize this clown show. Here are some of them (Mr. Arn provided the bold text):

Dear Mr. Kapaun, "There is a growing movement to teach young Americans that our nation’s history is oppressive and shameful—that the essential fact of American history is not freedom but slavery."

Mr. Arn...I'm not sure the Cherokee Nation would agree with this

Dear Mr. Kapaun,

"Have you read about President Biden’s Ambassador to the United Nations? She is telling her fellow ambassadors from around the world that “white supremacy” is “weaved into [America’s] founding documents and principles.” Can you imagine being told that America’s glorious founding principle—the principle that “all men are created equal,” endowed by God with “unalienable rights”—embodies the idea of white supremacy?"

Mr Arn...all white men were created equal by the framers of the constitution.

Dear Mr. Kapaun,

"My friend Rush Limbaugh, who died today, was a force of nature. More than any other individual, he was responsible for breaking the Left’s media monopoly. His voice on the radio, where he has promoted Hillsdale College for more than 10 years, will never be equaled. He loved our country always, and came to a deep love of God. His massive audience will miss him, I will miss him, and the country will miss him. Our prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace.

Mr Arn...Rush Limbaugh was a bloated racist...and this is who your institution decides to honor?

"Dear Mr. Kapaun,

Thinking back to my school days, I can’t imagine hearing from a teacher that our nation’s history is essentially one of injustice—that America at its heart is racist, sexist, and undeserving of respect. You might have a hard time imagining that as well. But Mr. Kapaun, this is the sad reality for far too many of our K-12 and college students today. Too many young Americans do not learn what makes America an exceptional nation and a beacon of liberty for the world. Instead, too many young Americans are taught that our nation’s past holds no positive lessons which we can apply moving forward. So, is it any wonder that so many younger Americans today feel an increasing attraction to socialism and other ideas destructive of liberty? You may be discouraged by the Left’s dominance in our colleges and universities and its increasing influence in K-12 education. But we must not lose hope—we must fight back with the truth. Hillsdale College has been engaging the Left on the battlefield of education from the beginning."

Mr Arn...How about you discuss the importance of critical thinking and get out of the brainwash business yourself?

Dear Mr. Kapaun,

"Over the past few months, the extremism of the political Left’s agenda has become clear through the actions of the mainstream media and Big Tech companies like Twitter and Amazon. Together, these forces are working to suppress conservative speech and political activity, denying First Amendment rights to their political opponents—and denying access to conservative opinion and important news stories to the American people. Conservatives (including the former President of the United States) are increasingly being “de-platformed” by companies like Twitter. Amazon is refusing to sell books questioning the transgender revolution—and recently, it took down an award-winning documentary video on the life of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas! A major publishing company, Simon and Schuster, recently bowed to pressure and canceled plans to publish a book on the danger of Big Tech by U.S. Senator Josh Hawley. We have never seen anything like what we are seeing today in America."

Mr Arn...Your private institution can do what it can these private companies. Feel free to throw up at your convenience. This swill monger is the president of a U.S, institution of higher learning?! Yes...he is!

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