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I...Don't...Care: American Dumbassery Continues

John Blutarsky
Have A Brew...Don't Cost Nothing Via FansShare

I have written numerous times about how the American education has failed its citizens...and we are reaping the whirlwind. The citizens of this country are simply unable to comprehend and interpret the events around them...and therefore are susceptible to populist swill that controls everything from their interactions with other humans to their voting choices. One example is China. Most Americans would say China is the biggest threat to this country...because that's what they have been told. How about this?: America needs China right now. That's right. They are not a military threat to this country. Are they an economic threat? Yes they are. However, simply saying that China is a threat is meaningless without an explanation. We actually need China to exist....otherwise this country would just turn on itself...more than it already has. The Romans had the Phoenicians to keep them united...until they didn't. We need China. The real threat to the current form of government in this country is not China....or's an uneducated populace that will allow domestic terrorists and populist swill mongers to operate freely without questions.

The List - I Don't Care

American High School Graduates
2021 American High School Graduates Via Photos

So; what do I not care about now that seems to occupy the swill mongers at CNN...Fox...MSNBC...etc?:

Bill Gates: zzzzzzzzzz

Bidens meeting the Queen: This royalty crap is still news?! Was the curtsy done right? Expiring minds need to know...Jeez...

Biden meeting Putin: Yawn...

Kamala Harris traveling anywhere: Since when has this country ever given a shit what a VP is doing...or saying? Seriously...

Trumps legal issues: Any indictments yet?....Bueller...Ferris Bueller...crickets....chirp...chirp...

Anything Ilhan Omar has to say: Why does this country really care about what some Minnesota congressman says about anything?

Fauci: This guy had his 15 minutes....bye bye...

Do Some Reading Dumbasses - Things Worth Your Time

China Graduation Party
China Graduation Party Via ChinaMike

Judicial Reform: How's this going?

Immigration Reform: Biden administration looking pretty stupid right now.

Health Care: Why does the US spend the most per capita on health care yet has the lowest life expectancy of any developed nation?

Education System: Getting our ass kicked by well as Japan...South Korea...most of Math, Reading and Science...why is this exactly? Check it out for yourself.

"They make a wilderness...and call it peace"


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