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White House Coronavirus UpdateUpdate: Wednesday 18 March: 3:19 AM

Clear And Present Danger Via Brand Dispatch

Trump (T): Whats up Mike? do you think today's briefing went?

Pence (P): You were fabulous as usual sir. Perfect. No one could have done it better....

T: I know that already goddammit....tell me something new for chrissakes...aren't you supposed to be the coronavirus czar?

P: Yes sir...I really admire how you have correctly blamed this crisis on Obama, China and millennials...and I think we should run with that theme...blame others sir...

T: Ok...what do you have in mind then?

P: Nazi's...its brilliant sir...everyone hates Nazi''s a no brainer Mr. President.

T: Nazi's!?...What the hell are you talking about? They're all dead now! Are you kidding me? That's what you have?! Anything else?

P: Girl Scouts sir. We blame the Girl Scouts. They are spreading the virus with their cookies. It's a clear and present threat to the security of this county...we need to address it immediately!

T: Hmm....I like it....have your team get me some notes....we'll run with it.

P: Yes sir...about that WHO thing...


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