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Typhoid Mary Was A Rank Amateur Compared To Trump

Trum Rally
Wussies Wear Masks People Via KTLA

Poor Mary Mallon, aka Typhoid Mary, due to her asymptomatic transmission of the disease, that infected a number of people, causing at least three deaths. She was vilified until she died in quarantine. In her defense, a poor Irish immigrant (of course), in the beginning, she was unaware of the seriousness of the disease. Now we have the draft dodger, fully aware of how serious COVID can be...and he trots around like a deranged rodeo was only a matter of time before his recklessness impacted his family and those that work for him. He is old...fat...and therefore a high risk I hope that works out for his stupid ass.

OK...MAGA People

Trump and Hope Hicks
"Remember We Got That Thing Later Hope" Via SkyNews

MAGA people...I know your cult is fine with racists, misogynists and pedophiles. I mean, after all, they didn't even make the top ten list of things not to do in your bible, so they can't be all that bad...right? So, now your boy, who we already know is a self-centered ass clown, puts his family and employees in danger with his germ warfare. I guess that's fine also? I suppose I'm trying to determine what your threshold is for abhorrent behavior by your leader. I'm a slow learner, but it's apparent to me there is no limit...your boy's dog whistle has really put the zap on you. And this Hope Hicks thing...hmmm....weird...I mean consenting adults and I'm sure you would have no issues with that either...


Lemmings jumping off cliff
Why Are We Doing This Again Pa? Via Brittanica

You hear that sound...nothing. Come on cult members!...where are the conspiracy theories? No deep state "has Trump locked in a basement and made up a COVID story?"

Why so silent all of a sudden? Is it time to break out the grape Kool-Aid...or run off a cliff? No contingency plan when your leader's dog whistle goes silent? I guess when the going gets tough...the ass clowns go to ground.

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