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Trump Supporters Are A Cult



a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

"a cult of personality surrounding the leaders"

Trump Rally
Big Gulps For Everyone! Via NPR

The cult term has been thrown around a lot over the last two thousand years. At one time or another, mainstream religions were considered a cult. To some folks they still are. The cult term is generally considered derogatory and can be applied to both secular and non-secular groups. Charles Manson and his followers were considered a cult, however, there was not any sort of religion involved. Jim Jones had some sort of pseudo-religious cult. I would broadly define a cult as a group that blindly follows a "leader", even if that leaders actions are not in their best interest. or, if the group's common interests are antisocial. For example, Trump supporters blindly follow their ass-clown, although he has nothing in common with most of them, and his actions are not in their best interests (tax breaks for the rich, elimination of health care). They also subscribe to a set of beliefs that would be considered anti-social by 2020 standards. Examples include racism, misogyny, and pedophilia.

Call It Like It Is

Manson Followers
We Love You Donald Via

So the question becomes, have the Trump supporters been duped by a grifter and con man, or do they actually subscribe to his antisocial dog whistle? I would say both. There are a large group of Americans that are susceptible to the Manson's and Jones of the world. They are usually under-educated, uncurious about the world around them and unable to think critically. You can usually find them trying to sell you Amway products. Then there are the other followers, who do believe in their leaders view of America. One in which the country is segregated, women are kept in their place and children are exploited by old geezers. For them white privilege is under assault and Trump is their savior. So for the MAGA dumbasses: which of the above categories are you in? If neither, then I would love to hear a logical and articulate argument explaining why you are different. Anyone? You may need to put down the Big Gulp for this one.


Trump and Melania
What?..You Guys Know What I'm Talking About Via HarpersBazaar

Is there any hope for these cult members? Typically, cult deprogramming requires a disavowal of the leader and the anti-social things they stand for. If their leader no longer has his pulpit, will the followers "stand down"? Will they be able to assimilate in to a 21st century America? Can we accept them back in to the fold if they simply go to ground and wait for the next cult leader that appeals to their tendencies? Or, have these followers simply been exposed for what they really are?

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