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Trump Joins The Loser Brigade

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

One term presidents
Welcome To The Club Bro! Via ThoughtCo

"Welcome to the club ..I guess you know why you're here

We're all losers...but hell we got got great beer

If you want to got to let it go

So put on your man pants

And stifle Don Jr

And start gulping 'ludes bro

Sung to the tune of

"We're Not Gonna Take It"

The Who

There have been 45 US presidents...and only 9 have failed to win a second term. Now there are 10. An incumbent president has all the advantages...a 4 year re-election air name it. So how does a person that has all these advantages fuck that up? I convinced the country to elect you what the hell happened the second time? The short answer is that the incumbent was stupid...the long answer is that they were....stupid. All 10 of them have one thing in common....they failed to understand what motivates people to vote for a particular candidate. It's not what they have done...or not done. It's a matter of confidence. The question is... do I have confidence that this person...who has had a four year term...has the ability to address future challenges and opportunities? That's it.

Don't Listen To The Cult

Trump Cult
We're Ready for the Grape Kool-Aid Sir! Via NYTimes

What does every sore loser do?...blame an external factor for their demise. Do not fall for this! In 1932 Hebert Hoover was defeated after one term by FDR....not because of the Depression...but because Americans felt he did not have what it takes to fix the problem. Why did this happen?...because Hoover was stupid. He failed to convince Americans he was the guy to pull the country out of a Depression. It was a lack of confidence. In 1980 Jimmy Carter was defeated after one term by Ronald Reagan. It was not because of a recession...or the Iran hostage was because Carter was stupid. He was unable to inspire confidence in Americans that he could handle a future crisis. In 1992 George H.W. Bush was defeated after one term by Bill Clinton. How the hell did that happen? We just crushed Saddam...with tanks!...but...the country was in a recession...and H.W. waffled on taxes. In other words...he was stupid. As Americans looked to the 90's...they had no confidence in his abilities. Which brings us to 2020. Trump did not lose because of Covid...or a "Deep State" conspiracy. He lost! Simple. He actually could have won this election...if he had half a brain. But that is not what he is. So Trump gets to join guys like...Martin Van Buren...Franklin Pierce...Benjamin Harrison...on the loser list. I'm sorry cult members...but that is not a group of dead presidents that you want to be associated with.

Time To Move On

Trump and Epstein
A'int She A Little Old Jeff? Via VanityFair

So if any of your on trying to have a conversation about the orange colored ass clown...remove the oxygen immediately! Do not tolerate one second of their nonsense. Insist that if they want to discuss presidential history, which Trump is now, you would rather discuss successful presidents who won second terms. Or, if they insist on wanting to discuss the demise of their cult leader, suggest a discussion on Hoover...or Harrison...or Pierce...or Van Buren. Maybe even start a loser presidential book club...and tell them to join that...I imagine a thick biography on Taft would be a thrill.

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