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Trump And The Dangers Of Using Crack Cocaine Intravenously

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Who's Got The Bennies? TimeMagazine

Wow...racist..pedophile..misogynist...grifter....and now...drug addled brute. That one hour crap fest on NBC was a freak show of epic proportions...I could not take my eyes off it. We always knew the draft dodger was crazier than a shit house rat...and now he is clearly speed balling crack...then crashing by gulping reds and chugging Gallo. The Hells Angels used to call this combination a "Happy Meal" turns one in to a psychopath/werewolf followed by long hours as a drooling idiot. It's a great program if you're getting ready for a rumble in the creek bed..but not if you have access to nuclear weapons. He was so jacked up I thought he was going to punch Savannah Guthrie in the face...I hope the SS were standing by with flex cuffs in the event he went full on crazy. He was in full flop sweat mode. You can't pay for entertainment that good...

Bad Craziness

Trump and Secret Service
"I Thought You Had The Flex Cuffs" Via Politico

Lucky for us...the only one dumber than this ass clown...are his fawning, big gulp swilling army of dumbasses. We already know they are OK with his creepy doubt his "Happy Meal" program will change any minds. My advice to Trump...'keep talking bro' are doing do more to cripple your stupid ass than sleepy Joe could ever do". So what did we get out of this grotesque clown show?: Trump owes everyone...Trump doesn't know who QAnon is...but admires their stand on "pedophilia"...WTF?...His COVID response is quack "doctors"...oh...and our boy said "85% of people that wear masks get COVID"...and..."COVID is a curable disease"...and the best of all...Obama had Seal Team Six "taken out"...because they didn't really kill bin Laden....whew...glad we got that straightened out!

So What

Trump Walking
"Did You Say Jimson Weed Sir?" Via KPCC

I'm not going to sit here and tell anyone that "the American people lost" because two mainstream media outlets (ABC/NBC) went head to head on something as important as presidential town meetings less than three weeks before an election. That is what they do...ratings rule...the only reason CNN whined about it was they didn't think of it first..or they would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. Ratings? I imagine Trump crushed it...I mean who would watch a desiccated husk like Biden when you got a drug addled crazy person on full display? Of course Trump will probably crow about his ratings...not realizing we are laughing at him...not with him.

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