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Sleepy Joe Vs Draft Dodger: What A Hoot

OLd men fighting
Watch The Glasses! Via Metro

I did not plan on watching all of the debate, but like a slow motion train wreck...I could not take my eyes off the commercial free freak show that was on display. What's better than two 70-something white guys gumming each other in public? American television at its best! People pay bums for that kind of action. It was hilarious. Like most reality TV was pretty well scripted. Trump was...Trump. He was an ass clown...he was obnoxious...No surprises really. He said nothing that he has not said before. A revisit of old grievances....blah...blah...He is what he is. I was worried about old Joe in the beginning...but he was still standing after it was over....which was a mild surprise. In fact, Joe had a few openings that he should have pressed more. Chris Wallace was a putz...he should have gotten control of that shit show right off the bat...but he fiddled around for over an hour before he exerted any authority as the moderator.


Trump and Ivanka
"I Would Date Her" Via Fortune

What was accomplished by these two old gits going at it? Not a damn thing! The mainstream media can try to make something out of it...but MAGA folks still love their boy...and Sleepy Joe has his geezer brigade...and nothing either of them said will change any of their minds. If you support a racist, pedophile, misogynist, grifter for president...Trump is your boy. If you don't...then Biden is your guy. What about policy differences you ask? Well...any American that wanted to get some insight on nothing out of that shit show. I'm afraid you'll need to research that on your own, if it really matters to you anymore

Who Won?

American Gothic
Who Do You Like Honey? Via Widewalls

Declaring presidential debate winners is pointless. What's more important is what was each of them trying to achieve and did they achieve it. If Trump was trying to convince any undecided voters (again...who are these people?! they really exist...did they just fly in from Mars?) to vote for was epic fail. If Biden was trying to prove he could stay awake for 90 minutes and not melt down completely...he did do that. All I can say is that Jerry Springer's show was a snooze fest compared to the performance put on by these two old lechers. America doing what it does best: producing puerile crap for dumbassses.

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