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Sleepy Joe: Don't Screw Up This VP Thing

Joe Biden
I Am Awake Godammit! Via BostonGlobe

I just read a CNN opinion piece where Biden "insiders" claim they are using the following three criteria for the remaining VP candidates:

  1. Will this nominee be good at the job?

  2. Will she get along well with Biden?

  3. Will she be an asset or a liability in the campaign?

WTF is this?!! Hopefully, the "insiders" are feeding the media this crap and the real three criteria for SJ's VP pick are:

  1. Will this nominee help me get elected?

  2. Will this nominee help me get elected?

  3. Will this nominee help me get elected?

What the hell other criteria is there for picking the goddamn VP Joe!? Has Delaware recently legalized crack? The first rule of an election...get elected. Nothing else matters if that doesn't happen...who the hell cares if they will be good at their job...or get along with the sleeper?

What We Have Here...

McCain and Palin
Is That Russia Sir? Via GettyImages

Now all of a sudden the media are VP experts, however, if you read their swill it makes no sense. For one thing, they always refer to the winning ticket as examples of how to pick a VP. There is more to learn from the VP choices from the losing side. A crap VP selection will usually doom a weak presidential candidate...but not a strong one. McCain and Kerry were weak candidates to begin with. John Edwards and Sarah Palin just made them worse. Hilary Clinton was a weak candidate...and VP selection Tim Kaine was not going to change that. Sleepy Joe is somewhere between a weak and OK candidate only because Trump is such a dumbass and keeps saying stupid things. Otherwise SJ would be more of a train wreck than he already is. This VP thing is one of those things that he can still manage to fuck up...I am convinced of it. The man is perfectly capable of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Biden and....

Biden VP Candidates
????????????? Via LosAngelesTimes

So if SJ is reading this, I suggest the following.

  1. Talk to smart people that know how to win elections. Obama and Bill Clinton for starters. Hear what they have to say. They knew how to leverage people smarter than themselves and use it to their advantage.

  2. There is only one criteria for selecting a VP: See the first paragraph.

  3. This isn't 2016...and your candidate will most likely be female...probably black. Stand by for heavy rolls. Yes...this country elected a misogynistic president. However, women are held to a different standard than men. It's not right...but that's the way it is. They are expected to be perfect. The standard is unfair...and the opposition will take advantage of that. So be prepared!

The American people can take a lot...but they will not be taken for granted. So put down the crack pipe...but stay in the basement...and get your shit together on this thing!

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