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Sleepy Joe: Don't Be A Dope

JOe Biden
"I'm Much Younger Than I Look" Via TheBostonGlobe

Sleepy Joe did some sort of weird drive-in town hall meeting last night. I suppose it's a sign of the times. Now Joe is a pretty limited politician...he is a 20th century creature...well past his prime...if he ever had one. However, Americans are pretty gullible, and will embrace his approach...if he just plays to his strengths...the few that he actually has. For one, he is an authentic and folksy old-timer, and that still has some appeal among the geriatrics. Trump is definitely not authentic...or folksy. The only other real strength Joe has, is that he is the only alternative to four more years of bad craziness by a deranged child. In fact, this is the only real appeal he has to anyone under 70. He has nothing else of value to offer younger Americans other than he is not Trump. Not a bad place to be for Joe....if...

Be Cool Joe

Biden and supporters
Make America Old Again Via NewYorkMagazine

These town halls are not exactly challenging for an old politico like Joe. They are for Trump, however, because he has no idea how to communicate to an average American with a full set of teeth. However, there are potential issues with Joe's performance. He has to be more consistent. People will buy the folksy approach for a while, but he can't have it both ways. Fossil fuels are an issue with the younger generation, and Joe seems to be inconsistent with his thoughts on where he wants to go. Joe gets upset anytime his son is brought up, which could be perceived as hiding something. A nationwide policy on masks!? What the hell was that all about? There were a dozen ways he could have handled that question better. Also, he has been in politics forever....and made many regrettable calls....on criminal justice...the war in Iraq...immigration policies...and he needs to have a response that is authentic and clear if questioned. You can be sure Trump will be in full attack mode at the Joe better have more than a knife in his pocket.

Have A Take Joe

Duel Scen from Pat Garett and Billy the Kid
Let's Get To It Then Via IMDB

A presidential candidate can't control every situation during a campaign, however, there needs to be a sound strategy. I am not a fan of debating a liar. You may end up calling a person a liar for 90 minutes and not really be able to say anything. People judge debate performances on what they see in real time...not later...when all the mainstream media talking heads do their fact checks. Joe needs to be prepared for a shootout if excuses.

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