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Richard Nixon Called: He Wants His Freak Show Back

Nixon speaks to protestors at Lincoln Memorial in 1970
Do You Like Football Son? Via TheWashingtonian

I thought I was joking the other day when I wrote that maybe the draft dodger in chief would try to replicate Nixon's bizarre stroll to talk to the freaks protesting his invasion of Cambodia/Kent State in 1970. Well....he did! What the hell was that crazy walk to the church...escorted by the military? For one must have been at least 200 did he make it? Second...what the hell was that bible pose in front of the boarded up church? Are we sure it was an actual bible...I mean...come...on...has this guy ever cracked open a bible in his life? What was the purpose? This is some whack behavior...even from him. What was scarier than his perp walk...was the idea that he thinks he can unleash the US military on the civilian population. Could the military stop looters and those destroying property? Yes...but that is not what democracies do. He must have read the Red China Tienanmen Square handbook. Phase 1: Deploy tanks. Phase 2: Shoot people. Phase 3: Mission accomplished.

I Beg Your Pardon

Picture of John Brown
This Is How You Hold A Bible! ViaShoeLeatherHistoryProject

I haven't even mentioned that crazy Rose Garden speech. Pretty much everything in that 5-minute screed was legally wrong. It did nothing to give people any confidence that he knows what the hell he is doing. This daily clown show would be amusing if the dumbasses in charge did not actually believe in what they are saying.

Executive Branch Is The Problem

Mississippi cops in courthouse 1964
What Time's The Anti-Bias Training? Via

Law enforcement in this country is the responsibility of the executive branch of government. In fact, it is one of the few purposes for their existence. The president is the head of the executive branch. There is a systemic issue with law enforcement in this country. What is being done at the federal level to address this problem? This guy says he stands for law and order? What was lawful or orderly about a cop killing a civilian in broad daylight. What was lawful or orderly about gun wielding protestors in the Michigan state capitol. That was a clear and present threat to legislators who work in that building. Law enforcement did nothing. Oh...yeah...they were white protestors with guns. Wonder what law enforcement would do if a mob of gun wielding black protestors did the same thing?

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