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Presidential Election A Blowout: Trump Cult Similar to Neanderthals...Adapt...Or Perish...

Human Evolution
Can You ID The Trump Cult Member? Via ArsTechnica

There have been 58 presidential elections in America...and the most recent at best...the 14th closest election of them all. So it's not even in the top ten. Biden received 57% of the electoral college votes and 52% of the popular vote, What are some of the elections that have been closer? Trump-Clinton (2016), Bush-Kerry (2004), Bush-Gore (2000), Carter-Ford (1976), Nixon-Humphrey (1968), Kennedy-Nixon (1960). There were another half-dozen elections closer than that prior to 1952. As for the popular vote, Biden will have a higher percentage than Obama got in 2012, Bush got in both 2000 and 2004, and Clinton got in 1992 and 1996. So let's stop referring this to a "close election". Its' a clear mandate for the Democrats (that they better start building on quickly) and a resounding defeat for Trump. The only one's clinging to some sort of alternate reality...are the cult.

Evolve Or Perish

Trump Golfing
Who You Calling An Obese Turtle? Via

Although considered a negative term, the Neanderthals had a pretty good run. Sometime around 400,000 years ago, they split from modern humans. Similar to the Trump cult in 2016. Around 40,000 years ago Neanderthals went extinct. Why did this happen? Is was a confluence of events...none of which alone caused their demise. Low birth rates...inbreeding...susceptibility to disease...and competition with modern humans all contributed to their extinction. By all accounts, they had the intelligence and physical attributes of modern humans. Trump's cult faces similar competition from modern humans. Instead of low birth rates, disease...inbreeding (well...maybe that one still applies)...they suffer from a lack of inability to separate fact from fiction...and a susceptibility to believe alternate realities spun by frauds. Neanderthals had the "Cave Bear" cult...Trump followers have the "Obese Turtle" cult. This is no laughing matter, however. If the cult members cannot will be become very difficult for them.

What Can We Do?

Need Some Help 'Bro? Via ChristianScienceMonitor

So do modern humans have any obligation to convert this doomed evolutionary line? Bring them back in to the fold? Did our predecessors 40,000 years ago give a shit about a bunch of Neanderthals shivering in a cave in northern Europe? I don't know the answer to that one...maybe they tried for all we know. What I do know, however, is that alternate evolutionary paths have never worked in the the Trump cult will die out eventually.

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