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New Years Resolutions...Decade in review...Year in review....waste of time

Girl staring at destroyed city
Girl and Apocalypse Photo by Ulrich B. from Pixabay

I am listening to the following as I write this:

Rolling Stones: Let it Bleed

Stooges: Raw Power

Jefferson Airplane: Crown of Creation

Steppenwolf: Live

Traffic: Low Sparks of High Heeled Boys

I have really not read or watched or listened to much news the last week. I really had no interest in wasting my time on end of year/end of decade drivel. I turned on cable news this morning and the first thing I see is...Mitch McConnell...bloviating about...nothing! One week of no news...and that is the first thing I see! It should not be allowed. The McConnell sighting snapped me back to reality quick....a new year...decade...whatever....but really the same as it ever was.

What is important

Homeless person
Homeless Photo by Rusty Gouveia from Pixabay

We should instead focus on matters of import. Here are some things worth focusing some critical thought on:

1. Climate Charge: This is real. Australia is burning. The Amazon is decimated. Philippines are getting typhoons in late December. How much longer will we let Nero fiddle while we set future generations up for failure...or worse?

2. Wars without purpose: At least the Romans had their reasons for taking over the civilized world. Other than some vague national interest twaddle about fossil fuel importance, what is the US plan for the mideast? Whack a mole is not a strategy.

3. US immigration policy: This is still a catastrophe. I have written previously on this. Unfortunately, I see nothing changing in either this administration or a potential Humphrey...I mean Biden administration either. I seem to get those two confused all the time.

4. US General Election: The mainstream media coverage of all aspect of the issues has been a debacle. They talk more about a Trump tweet at 2 am than some insights on how the various candidates compare on major issues. Don't depend on anything they have to say.

5. US Homelessness: This is a disgrace in a country that supposedly is the richest in the world. Again, most of what you hear in the mainstream media on homelessness causes and solutions is just plain wrong. I have written a previous essay on this. There are a lot of alternate facts and urban legends out there, mostly propagated by local municipalities that are dealing with it. The first rule of solving a problem is understanding the problem. Failure.

On that note

Man with Banana
Government Solutions Photo by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

I suppose five things are enough for now. I have not mentioned the "I" word once yet.

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marge k.
marge k.
02 feb. 2020

Let's not forget the trashing of our oceans. If the oceans die, we all do. The destruction of our planet is a sin and I admit to knowing very little about changing it. I can use less plastic, recycle more, although I recently read that's not doing much good, eat less meat, etc. When I look at the huge amounts of trash piled outside on trash day in my community, it is mind boggling. If we had more public transportation in my area, I could give up driving. Right now, that is not an option. Keep up the good work with insightful articles.

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