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MAGA People: Time To Let Your Boy Go

Trump Rally
"My God These People are Stupid" Via Politico

Ok. It has taken over 3 1/2 years to analyze the creepy relationship between Trump and his followers. They are fine that he is a misogynist (ref. comments on women). They are fine that he is a pedophile (ref. comments on daughters/Epstein bro). They are fine that he is a racist (ref. comments on Hispanics). They are fine that he is a draft dodger (bone spurs). They are fine that he is a grifter (has stiffed banks for tens of millions in loans). They are fine that he is a narcissist (ref. any time he opens his mouth). So, I can only conclude that MAGA folks are the most forgiving humans on the planet...ever. We are all sinners...blah...blah...Or they simply don't believe what they hear. Or they are unable to apply critical thought or logic to any of their leaders swill. If none of that changes your mind, how about this: Trump thinks you are bigger losers than any vet.

Meet Town Hall Trump

Redneck wedding
No Shoes...excellent! Via Pinterest

We have met Nuremberg rally Trump (lies to fawning MAGA troops). We have met helicopter lawn Trump (lies to anyone who asks a question). We have met press room Trump (lies to reporters). We have met oval office Trump (lies to anyone watching TV). We have met teleprompter Trump (this is my favorite...reminds me of a 10 year-old trying to present a book report...or Luca Brasi rehearsing his lines at the Godfather wedding). Now we have town hall Trump. What an ass clown. No fawning dopes. No reporters he can lie to. Just people. Wow. He looked as uncomfortable as a bride at a hillbilly wedding. He knows his con job won't work there...and it is painfully obvious to anyone watching. This is who he really is...a fraud who has duped the country.

Think People

Trump and Putin
"I said I'd take care of it." Via CNN

Yes, it is true that most Presidents are not like you or I, for whatever reason. But one thing they do have in common, is that once they assume the office, they are President of ALL Americans. They rise to the occasion. For the MAGA folks sweating like pigs in places like North Dakota...and Arizona...not only is your leader nothing like you...he has done nothing for you. He has no respect for you. You are being conned and taken for granted. Deep down, people like Trump, crave attention from elites that will not give it to him. He knows MAGA people are unwashed ass clowns. He really has no respect for anyone at FOX news...he just uses these groups because they are easy targets for his con. He wants regular Americans to support him...but they are not buying his swill. He will be outside his comfort zone in the next couple of town halls...and debates. This is the Trump that will hopefully be exposed for what he is: A punk who managed to pull off the biggest con of all time.

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