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John Kelly and his time with Trump: Who cares?

President Trump
President Trump Photo by Kalhh from Pixabay

I was reading that ex presidential Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly told Trump before he resigned that, "I said whatever you do, don't hire a 'yes man,' someone who won't tell you the truth -- don't do that. Because if you do, I believe you will be impeached." OK. Fabulous...and this is news...because? Is it because we care about what an ex Presidential Chief of Staff has to say...about anything? Nope. Is it because Trump denied Kelly ever said it? Who cares? Is it because Kelly was so prescient about potential presidential problems? Nope. It's Captain not General obvious by the way. This is not news.

'We need to change things from within"

Hand Puppet
Hand Puppet Photo by Alex Yomere from Pixabay

I love that old chestnut. The old "I felt it was better to dismiss my principals for the greater good" argument. They have a name for people that tried that and failed: Authors. Most write books about their tragic attempt, and failure, to modify behavior on the inside of large institutions. It may happen; where someone down the food chain causes an organizational change by convincing their superiors to modify their behavior. I have just never heard of it. I am sure John Kelly....and Jim Mattis....and Jeff Sessions...etc. got on-board with good intentions. As an ex-Marine General, John Kelly was probably a very efficient Chief of Staff. and they all did what eventually is the virtuous thing to do. Namely, resign when you can no longer provide any meaningful influence.

This is a media problem

Mainstream Media image
Mainstream Media Photo by Melvin D from Pixabay

Which gets us back to the premise of this piece. It's not John Kelly's fault that the mainstream media decided his comments were newsworthy. He said what he said during a speaking engagement, which is fine. But what value does coverage of this provide the average American? What was the purpose of making it newsworthy? I think I know the answer to that; and it is unfortunate.

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