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Jim Jones Wants His Kool-Aid Back

Trump and RNC
That's A Wrap Via

W.....T.....F was that!? I avoided the Republican National Convention all week, then somehow the TV sort of magically shifted to CNN, and that crap fest, just as agent orange was giving his acceptance speech. It was 70 minutes (yes folks....1 hour and 10 minutes) of rehashed swill, that will go down in history as the worst speech by a political figure since some guy named Edward Everett delivered a 2 hour "oration" at Gettysburg...the same day a guy named Lincoln delivered a 3 minute speech that you might have heard of. However...even worse than AO's screed...was that somehow the children of the corn were in full force...having fled their wheat fields...their barns...their stretch pants (for the most part)...and dutifully assembled before their loving master. They may have scrubbed up a bit...but there was no mistaking their brain-dead fawning at every false utterance from the draft dodger. Who are these people....I give up!

Bad TV

Sally Field in Flying Nun
This Sucks Via RememberThat

I've never seen any of Trump's television shows, but I have heard he "knows how to put on a show". WTF!? After last night, how on earth could anyone say that the dumbass knows how to put on a show!? Unless you consider The Flying Nun...or My Mother The Car good TV...which most of those ass clowns in attendance last night probably do. That was a trainwreck! Was there some sort of theme involved? Hell no! There were no-neck speeches...some creepy religious song at the end...fireworks...balloons....I was expecting a strongman, bearded lady and dancing bear to show up. All I can say is..bravo AO...keep up the good work making yourself look like a total moron. What the hell is this guy good at besides stiffing creditors? Even old sleepy Joe is looking good this week in comparison...and the DNC was no great shakes either.

Rank Amateur

Jim Jones
Well Played Sir Via Newsday

Jim Jones had to scurry off to some hellhole in Guyana to assemble his doomsday plan. The draft dodger just does it in plain front of the White House...on national TV. Who needs grape kool-aid when you have a pandemic to cull the herd?

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