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Impeachment get what you elect

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The House Judiciary Committee has supposedly concluded the open hearings in which evidence of potential presidential violations of the constitution were presented to the American people. It will next go to the House Judiciary Committee to draft specific violations and then to a vote in the full House for a recommendation for a Senate trial. As I stated in a previous piece, this is basically the equivalent to a federal grand jury that you or I would be subjected to if the government felt we may have committed a crime. That is the way our constitution works. If you watched or listened to any of it, you have probably formed your own opinion on the matter as presented. If you chose not to follow the proceedings, that is understandable, as our lives are busy. However, if you did choose to not follow any of this, I would suggest you do not go to mainstream media opinions or analysis of the hearings for some sort of encapsulation. They are all biased and no amount of catchy titles or "5 things you need to know" make them any more relevant in developing your own opinion. I would suggest you sit back and think about the current state of affairs another way.

Realpolitik and domestic politics

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You will hear often that impeachments are "politically motivated." Of course they are...but that does not matter. Even in a democracy the minority will always try to undermine the majority in any legal way possible. Take that obfuscation out of the argument and just concentrate on the facts. I am not going to get in to the merits of the evidence that was presented over the five days of testimony. We will have to see what the specific articles of impeachment may be. I imagine they will be along the lines of bribery and abuse of power. What I would like to mention are some of the other observations.

I wanna be a boss

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We all do Stan Ridgeway. Most of us have worked for someone. At the core of our relationship with our boss/manager/supervisor are three things: Support, honesty and loyalty. I have already expressed my opinions on the current person in the oval office, namely that he is a mysogynist due to his recorded remarks on women, and a racist due to his remarks on Latinos, Africans and Muslims. Now he has disparaged his employees for seemingly doing what the constitution requires them to do. Namely, this week he criticized a decorated Army officer for doing his job, and undermined a career Ambassador for doing her job. So the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is calling out his troops for presenting facts as they knew them? I guess that honesty and loyalty must be a one way street with the current administration. Oh, and the same time he was doing this, the president pardoned two convicted war criminals and another that was about to go to trial.

Bad Craziness

Beth Mason
Beth Mason Photo by wikimediaimages from Pixabay

Another observation I noticed was that the female witnesses came across as credible and truthful, while most of the males came across as evasive and dopes. Goofball/Homer Simpson doppleganger Gordon Sondland was dumb, but in actuality, he probably is, so not much he can do about that I suppose. Kurt Volker came off as clueless, but probably is smart. The females, particularly Fiona Hill and Maria Yovanovitch, came off as smart and actually are. They were more impressive than any of the male dopes, as well as most of the angry white guys questioning them. Especially that clown from Ohio Jim "mansplain" Jordan.

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