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I...Don't...Care: A Total Break From Televised Media

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

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It's All Bullshit! Via IndieWire

I don't care what Don Lemon...Tucker Carlson...Rachel Maddow...Anderson Cooper...Sean Hannity...Lawrence O'Donnell...Chris Cuomo...Kate Bolduan...Wolf Blitzer...Greg Gutfield...Craig Melvin....etc...etc...etc...has to say....about anything. I mean...who are these gasbags? What are their credentials? A bunch of college degrees in History...Law...English...Political Science...Journalism? basically...unemployable. "Experts" in nothing really...other than making observations and comments that cite no real facts and provide no value other than their opinions. That's the gist of the televised clown shows on CNN, MSNBC and Fox. To make matters worse....their web sites are even worse...A bunch of unattributed crap....non-news fluff...and rotating sensationalist swill. They do not distinguish between facts and opinions. Their lead stories are often garbage about another network's anchors. That would be like a sports story talking about the referees. Who the hell cares what any of them say...or does?

So What Do I Do Now?

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I Would Have Said Cigars For Cuba Via Pinterest

I'll be the first to admit that I was a full participant in the four-year pity party that was the Trump administration. I would commiserate daily with my mainstream media "friends" on television, as that orange colored dumbass did one stupid thing after another. However, it's time to start thinking like an adult again and leave these childish pursuits behind. Now. all my "news" comes from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Associated Press or National Public Radio (NPR) and the Washington Post. Local newspapers are or print...and their demise should be feared by anyone who loves democracy. They have news. The last two pages are opinions...the editor....letters to the editor....and columnists...all over the political spectrum. I do love reading others opinions on things, especially if they are logical and well written...or have a point I have not considered. The Associated Press reports news. If there are any opinions...they are clearly articulated as such. NPR also reports news, and has a variety of guests all over the political spectrum. Investigative reporting is also becoming a lost art in journalism...and done best by the local newspaper.

Make Up Your Own Minds

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Turn On The News Frylock! Via Decider

Is there any such thing as an unbiased media source? No. If there is any particular item of interest, I would suggest reading a number of different media sources to overcome this inherent bias. Pick your topic: Border Crisis, Gun Control, Voting Rights... and I challenge you to get any truth on any of them from CNN, MSNBC or Fox. will get all sorts of muck on some Florida Congressman or New York Governor...that 99% of the country does not give a shit about. I know these mainstream media outlets are for-profit companies...and need viewers and readers to survive. If you want to know what any of these televised gasbags thinks about...pick your topic...then go for it. However, just don't consider it factual.

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