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Here we go again...Nikki Haley...who cares...

Photo of Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley Photo from National Archives

Do most people know who Nikki Haley is...or if they what she has to say? For those interested, she was Trump's Ambassador to the UN and former Governor of South Carolina. Ringing a bell now? No? Of course not. Why would it? Who the hell cares? So why am I taking the time to even write about it? She has a book out now (of course) and the mainstream media is trying to make sense of it all. In a nutshell, Ms Haley left the Trump administration under "good" terms, as opposed to most of that crew, and her book is very favorable to the current administration. My issue is not only with some of the things she says, but with the mainstream media confusing the public on their take.

Same as it ever was

Picture of don't hear, don't see and don't tell
Listen Photo by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Correct as usual David Byrne. For starters, I have not read the book. Nor will I. However, I did see Ms Haley in an interview recently. One thing she said is 'how could the President have done something wrong if he asked for an investigation that never happened and held up foreign aid without Ukraine knowing about it." Or words to that effect. What!? Are you aware of federal criminal statutes Ms Haley? I am not saying that the President broke any laws, I am just saying that attempting something illegal, and not being successful, is still a crime. The second thing she mentioned that got the mainstream media excited was that John Kelly (former Chief of Staff) and Rex Tillerson (former Secretary of State) tried to convince her to "get onboard" in undermining the President. The mainstream media tried to play this up as another example of a "dysfunctional" White House. I say; who cares? In any large organization, government or otherwise, direction from the boss is often "slow-rolled", ignored, staffed endlessly. If a policy is that important, the boss will push it until the staff has no choice but to execute or get fired. If the policy is not that important, then yes, a mercurial leader may just forget about it. The fact that senior staff, even in the White House practice this, is not new, or unconstitutional, blah, blah. I mean were not talking about orders to take Hamburger Hill here.

Until we meed again

Tobacco farm in South Carolina
South Carolina Photo by 1778011 from Pixabay

I realize that Ms Haley may have political ambitions and is being a bit shrewd by maintaining her connection to the President, who is still very popular with Republicans. However, her somewhat inarticulate thoughts and insights on White House actions and palace intrigue are a bit perplexing. Hopefully she does not really believe all of the things she says.

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