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Help...Trump Won't Leave Office: Stop People!

Trump Golfing
"You Talking To Me..? Via TheTylt

Apparently, this is part three of my treatise on how stupid Americans are. Redundant you say? I'm not sure about that...this is fertile material...perhaps worth a book even. Every few weeks, some media dumbass asks Trump if he would "peacefully" leave office. As I have mentioned numerous times before, how would you expect a guy like Trump to answer that? Would you expect him to say, "Well of course I would leave office peacefully...that is how Democracy works in America." Really? Because anyone who thinks those words would ever come out of his mouth is dumber than a box of hammers. My point being, after over 3 1/2 years of this piss ant, nothing he says should be a surprise. Or shock anyone. Or matter really. So can we please stop with the hand wringing over this!

Man/Woman Up Democrats

Hawaii Mural
My so mean...what can I do? Via Widewalls

First off, in order for anyone to "peacefully leave office", an election needs to be won by the opponent. So Democrats, why don't you win an election first, then worry about what comes afterward? I know you're still walking around like stunned fish after that ass-kicking in 2016. You nominated the most unlikable and polarizing candidate in history, then kicked back believing in your good fortune in going up against some New York schmuck, and ended up gulping like carp when your girl folded like a lawn chair. Ok. Since then, every time the draft dodger says boo, you shriek like school girls. We are talking about the same guy here right? 70 something...fat-ass...grub...who would have a hard time beating his wife in an arm wrestling contest? That guy?! You act like he's a combination of Godzilla, Jack the Ripper and Keyser Soze. Get over it! No more mewling. Get your boy Sleepy Joe whatever it takes...and just win...a goddamn...general election!

But...What If...?

Vote White Y'all Via TheNation

If....and I mean if...Sleepy Joe wins...transition will not be an issue. I am not saying that this will be a standard election. There may be voter intimidation in the form of a law enforcement presence in the vicinity of the polling places. His supporters may get out the denture grip, wake their first-cousins, and take to the streets. Trump may use every legal avenue available to contest the election results...and since we are a country of laws...that is his right...and yes...this would have to play itself out...and may take time. So be it. The country will function...the trains will run on time...and it would be a great reality TV show. However, at the appointed time...after all the legalities are resolved...his fat ass will be thrown out of the White House like a Bowery bum. Stop with the military intervention crap. Stop the putsch/coup nonsense. This country is a crap fest...but let's get real here. We're talking about an assclown that's about as threatening as a jelly donut. Democrats...just win baby...

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