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Grifter-In-Chief's Biggest Failure: He Can't Read The Room Anymore

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Group of clowns
Cabinet Meeting Via MichiganRadio

The rise ofTrump to the presidency in 2016 was certainly a surprise. A draft-dodger. A grifter (he has stiffed banks for hundreds of millions of dollars). A real estate failure (he went bankrupt in the '90's and did not pay federal income taxes for years). About the only thing he had any success at was a dumb-ass reality TV show. He was successful at that, because he finally figured out how to give people what they wanted...he learned how to read the room. He then capitalized on that realization by duping stupid people and getting the Republican nomination and then the presidency.

This Ain't A Reality TV Show Anymore

Jack Nicholson in Departed
If You Wear A Mask I'll... Via IMDB

Like most dumbasses, bone spurs figured he had it figured out, and admittedly, the 40 percenters bought his swill-fest for years. Maybe they still do, however, the environment has changed, and like a Brontosaurus squinting at the meteor, Trump is heading for the tar pits. He and his fellow sycophants like McConnell are to dumb to be in charge of anything anymore. Examples

  • You can stack the federal judicial system all you want with "conservative" judges, and you may get some wins on the big social wedge issues. However, conservative judges are usually sticklers for the constitution. Did he now know that ? Of course not! (ref: recent DACA and LGBT rights Supreme Court decisions).

  • This isn't the 60's, and Trump 'aint Nixon or Wallace. "Law and Order" screeds are dated and no one is really listening to his crap. There are issues with law enforcement in this country and he is the only one in denial.

  • Him and his wooden sidekick Pence have been wrong on every aspect of the COVID pandemic...and it's only getting worse. Now these geniuses are saying that we need to reduce get the numbers down? Hmmm. Who's advising him on this? The Mad Hatter?

Tune Out The Show

Trump and Pence
Take My Wife...Please Via NBCNews

So what do you do when the star of your reality TV show and his material fail to resonate with the audience? Tune it out. Watch a documentary on Charlemagne. I don't know. It is just stunning to me how badly this clown is reading his audience. Yes...the 40 percenters may have gone to ground...and will rear their heads in August...when historically, all cretins tend to come out of the woodwork. However, the Supreme Court, and the 50 states have clearly switched channels on bone spurs. He is down, but not out, though. The Nuremberg style rally's will start again soon enough, and the children of the corn will assemble.

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