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George Floyd: What We Really Need To Talk About

Updated: May 30, 2020

Some things to consider

Police and Doughnut
Glazed! Via MentalFloss

Law Enforcement

NYPD Police Officer
Protect And Serve Via NewYorkTimes

Let's stop talking about good and bad police officers blah...blah. That's like saying it could be rainy or sunny tomorrow. Who cares? We are avoiding the real discussion, which is: What type of people go in to law enforcement? Those that want to serve and protect? Really? It sounds good, but is disingenuous at best and total crap at worst. People that go in to law enforcement like to control other best...and are arbitrary whacks at worst. There. I said it. Where else can you be given minimal training, cool uniforms, a radio and a weapon? Oh....and they also get special treatment through legislation and judicial protection so that just about anything they do is "justified". Whether they are "good" or "bad" is beside the point. The system welcomes, and the public accepts, this culture. What's the solution? There is none. It's just that in any interaction with law enforcement you just need to realize what sort of person you are dealing with. Likes to control. Armed. Minimally trained. Protected by the law. That's just the way it is. They are well intentioned and believe in what they do. Just save the protect and serve crap for the idiots.

White People News Conferences

News Conference
Blah...Blah...Blah Via NYTimes

Why is it that every time I turn on the television there is a group of white people squawking like a bunch of dopes? I have seen a lot of bad acts in the last six months, but that news conference 28 May in Minneapolis with the state and federal district attorneys and the FBI was a swill fest of epic proportions. What was the purpose? Misleading information, lack of any sort of context...tone deaf...uninspired...crap. "Uhhh....let's stop rioting guys"...and.."Uh...we never announce this is special"..."The Police Chief did a great job." Really....uh...maybe someone should look at his training program. It was like Elmer Fudd, Mr. Magoo and Betty Boop said "let's go on TV and be stupid." Jeez. Those dopes alone set race relations back years. Where was the Police Chief at the conference? Getting his story straight I imagine. At least you know Robot Barbie is spewing garbage, not sure why I thought these guys would be any different.

So What Now?

Walter Sobchack
Over The Line! Via NotHallofFame

Two things. First, know your environment. Don't assume that Old Bill is competent. Second, the next time you turn on the TV and there is a white dope news conference, turn it off and go to Check out a book and learn something.

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