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Elections Have Consequences...Eventually

Trump Executive Order
Sure Beats Working With Congress! Via KTLA

By all accounts, on January 20th, Biden will reverse a number of Trump Executive Orders. While that may be a good thing initially, let's hope that presidential use of Executive Orders declines. Although Executive Orders are not legislated, they have the force of law. They can be looked at as "instant law" so to speak, but have lots of caveats. For one, a sitting president can reverse an Executive Order. For another, Congress is not required to fund an Executive Order. Obama signed 276 Executive Orders. Trump signed 192. Let's hope Biden puts a stop to this practice and gets laws passed, and funded, through Congress. That's hard work, and modern presidents need to figure out how to do it.

Government Transitions Are Worthless And Not Required

Doctor Strangelove
Its Transition Time Boys! Via MarkLeonard

Biden would tell you that the last things on his mind is a transition with Trump. Government transitions, presidential or otherwise, are exercises in crap. I have been a part of enough of them to know they have no real value. People crank out hundreds of three ring binders that nobody reads. With all due respect to the talking heads at CNN...MSNBC....or any other mainstream media outlet...this is not an issue and please stop bringing it up. Urban myths such as the Bush team was caught flat-footed on 9-11 because of the delayed transition from the Clinton administration due to the Florida recount in 2000 is pure swill. It sounds sounds good...but is false. The Clinton administration was as clueless about Al-Quaeda as everyone else. I also don't want to hear about how "vulnerable" the US is during a presidential transition. What is this?....1963? These large government departments are run by career civil servants who continue working the issues every day. The handful of political appointees that sprinkle these agencies have no impact on their effectiveness. You could put Hannibal Lector in charge of the Defense Department....and no would would notice...or care. Also, sorry mainstream media...don't tell me what Americans want anymore. The fact don't know what they want. That also goes for dumbass pollsters. Americans don't care about transitions...transfers of power...inaugurations etc...etc. There is not requirement for Biden and Trump to meet. There is no requirement for a ceremony. At the appointed time on 20 Jan...the orange one departs...sleepy Joe enters...takes the oath on the White House steps...and gets to work.

Some Substance Please

Hannibal Lector
Where Are The Carriers People! Via EntertainmentWeekly

Again, it is not Biden bringing up this transition twaddle. He knows how useless they are. and pretty much said so today. Can these cable news dumbasses come up with something else to talk about...please!

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