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Dear Joe: Keep...Your...Mouth...Shut

Biden walking
Asthma Is Acting Up Via NYTimes

If creepy Joe has any chance to win this November, it is imperative that he says little, if nothing at all, between now and then. Let the draft dodger in chief flap his gums about hero gardens and the "lost cause", and even some of his children of the corn flock will start to realize he's nuttier than a fruitcake. But, that is only if the equally nutty old Joe keeps his yap shut.

It's Come To This

Confederate Statue
To The Garden of Heroes! Via TheGuardian

I am no fan of creepy Joe. He is about as relevant as a whalebone corset. He is like the product of a tryst between Hubert Humphrey and Fatty Arbuckle. In a normal election year he would be seen for the old fool he is. But, he could actually win...if...he says...nothing. Once he opens his mouth...the oxygen is sucked out of the room...and everyone dies.

So Why Now?

Biden Rally 2020
Don't Speak Joe! Via NYTimes

So why am I even wasting my time talking about this 20th century relic? I'm not even sure if he is an improvement over the current guy. What I do know is that he needs to lay low. I heard a report that he may not debate the draft dodger if he does not release his tax returns. No Joe! Shut up!...draw no attention to yourself. Eventually people may even forget who you are...and all the dumbassery you have engaged in for almost 50 years. They will just vote for whoever is opposite the current dud. Once people realize who they are really voting for...they may hesitate at the last minute. His best strategy is to seal himself in a crypt in Delaware..or wherever he is from...and emerge only when absolutely necessary. Which may be sometime in September.

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1 Comment

marge k.
marge k.
Jul 12, 2020

So true. Maybe Joe could be put in an induced coma until Sept. As for the POTUS, let him keep digging his hole with his mouth.

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