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Congratulations America:You Got What You Wanted

Redneck Party
Happy Birthday Y'all Via CBN

It only took 3 1/2 months but the country finally got what it must have been looking for when it elected the draft dodger back in 2016. We are isolated and alone. Maybe that's what Americans wanted all along. We are like one of those wooly mammoths brought to its knees by a bunch of furry Neanderthals...a mighty beast past its prime. We are a pariah. But hey...we got Big Gulps and Tiger King.

How Did This Happen?

COL Kilgore Apocalypse Now                       Via DrukGatoen
Take Off The Mask...And Surf Via Gatoen

You wanted a wall? Well, we have one now. We have a disease that has basically shut down the borders. No one wants to come here...less they have to quarantine or put themselves at risk. The funny things with walls, however, is that they work both ways. Now Americans can't get out. That's right. The U.S. passport, which used to get you anywhere in the world, is not accepted anymore in most countries. Cool. So we are on the "list" with places like Iran...China...North Korea...Cuba. That trip to Paris you were planning?....not going to happen. It's not all doom and gloom though. I read that Azerbaijan will let us in...and is pretty nice this time of year. How did we get here? Because we are stupid. We have a guy who is a cross between COL Kilgore and Jim Jones running this country. Dingbats in Tulsa...Phoenix...North Dakota are gulping his grape cool-aid and poisoning the rest of us. Jones was a rank amateur compared to this guy. He killed like 800. This guy is in the tens of thousands.

Happy Birthday America

Trum Rushmore
Who Are These Guys Again? Via NBC

There is a bright side. We don't have those pesky foreigners coming here anymore. Aunt Martha didn't really need to go to Rome anyway...she can go to Rome...GA. Then she can watch her tribe get sunburned and drunk...maybe someone will fall in the river. What a hoot.

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1 Comment

marge k.
marge k.
Jul 04, 2020

The best article ever. Perfect! I couldn't agree more.

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