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Comey...Yates...Rosenstein...Flynn...The Horror

James Comey
"Think Comey...What Would Mr. Ed Say?" Via APNews

I recently watched Showtime's The Comey Rule which follows that nightmarish time in 2016 - 2017. Why? I have no idea. I passed judgment on that cast of clowns years ago, and the two-part series provided no new information. These were all extremely flawed individuals, at least when it came to job performance. Comey was clearly out of his depth...playing checkers when the game was chess. The Justice Department (DOJ) was a train wreck (and still is). Comey should have been fired the first time he did not follow orders from his superiors in July 2016. Their "bad optics" disclaimers for the reason he remained in his job was ludicrous. The military does it all the time. You don't fire someone for what they fire them for "loss of confidence." That dope remained on the job 10 months longer than he should have, with disastrous results.

People Are Only Half The Problem

J Edgar Hoover
Do Pearls Go With That? Via Biography

The problem with government organizations like the FBI and DOJ is the culture. I cringe whenever I hear anyone in law enforcement say they were motivated to join in order to "catch bad guys". What?! You mean apprehending innocent people (until proven guilty) right? The FBI, in particular, is really just a self-licking ice cream cone. They are loyal to their institution at the expense of other the constitution. Government institutions like these also tend to attract extremists...those with strong personal views on subjects. We used to call them crusaders...and the only thing worse than a a crusader in charge. Extremists also usually have strong political views. Professionals do not. In my 32 years working in the military and federal government I can count on one hand the number of times anyone ever started a political discussion in the workplace. It's just not provides no value to any government organizations mission. Those individuals are usually marginalized as they are compromised and have hidden agendas. Are there extremists in the military? Yes...I just have not met many. That's the difference between a profession of the military...and others, like law enforcement. They like to pretend they are a profession of arms...servants to the constitution...but they are really just a bunch of cheapjack punks who "want to catch bad guys."

What's Changed?

Trump and Barr
"That thing..You Know...Fuggedabout It" Via VanityFair

Ok, that was what has changed since then? Not much, other than the Hoover worshipping bureau has been exposed as a bunch of pretenders. The DOJ is still sharing a crack pipe with the nut occupying the White House. All the previous miscreants have been replaced miscreants. The culture has not changed at all. Americans should rightfully be suspect of anything that comes out of the mouths of these organizations until they prove that they have truly changed.

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