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An Apology To The People Of Azerbaijan

US Border Crossing
You're Staying Here Friendo Via PewResearch

In a previous article I stated that US citizens were still allowed to travel to Azerbaijan after most countries have banned Americans due to our inability to address COVID-19. In fact Azerbaijan will not let Americans travel there, so instead, here is a correction to the current countries that will allow Americans to travel:

  • Albania

  • Dominican Republic

  • Maldives

  • Mexico

  • Rwanda

  • Kosovo

  • North Macedonia

  • Serbia

  • Turkey

I don't know about you, but lots of possibilities here. In fact, Rwanda might be pretty nice this time of year. I always wanted to try bushmeat.

Did You Say Your Name Was...Rambling Rose

Trup In Rose Garden
...And We Have So Many Rockets...Great..Rockets Via Reuters

The once mighty US passport has been laid low by the world-class grifter we have in the White House. If the corruption..misogyny...racism...don't cause Americans to raise an eyebrow, maybe this will. Or maybe not...who knows. Americans are not allowed in these countries not because of a virus, it's because we have a government that is incapable, or unwilling, or both, to figure something out that is completely solvable. Hell, every country in the world has figured it out....but us. Are we dumber than people in other countries? Is the draft dodger worse than all the other crackpots running these countries? We can only hope that the one positive out of this whole debacle may be that it's Trump's Iran Hostage moment. That crisis turned Jimmy Carter in to a one term president back in the day. I'm just not sure that the children of the corn look at it that way now. They are to far gone. On their way to Jonestown...led by bone spurs and his gaggle of misfits.

Let Them...Find Other Jobs

Marie Antoinette
Ivanka Marie Antoinette Trump Via WikiFandom

Now we have Ivanka advising Americans without employment to "find something else." Thats rich. The poster child for nepotism, who has never worked a day in her life, is now advising people on their career decisions. We should see her for what she is. A privileged pretender living on our taxes.

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