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Joe's Afghanistan Circus Tent Is Very Large

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

"He seems confused...and a duck hit on the head with a paddle"

Abraham Lincoln describing Union General Rosecrans after being overrun at Chickamauga

Taliban Fighter
Mayor Of Kabul Via TheNation

Wow...just wow. I've had the displeasure of observing Afghanistan briefs by the White House...Defense Department and State...and oh man. These are bad...atrociously bad...William Westmoreland bad...Ron Ziegler bad...LBJ bad! Not only do these ass clowns not know what's going on...right now...but as I mentioned previously...some of them contributed to the catastrophic collapse of this 20 year clown show. Milley looked like Rosecrans must have looked after Bragg beat his ass at Chickamauga. He also had the look of SGT Schultz from Hogans Heroes. In what universe would anyone think that the Afghan army was going to be able to withstand a Taliban offensive? What...because we taught them how to field strip an M16 and they mostly could hit a target on a gun range? Was the "will to fight" ever even part of the discussion? If not...they should all be fired. Let's have a corrupt government propped up by the US (sound familiar)...and yet you somehow think the army will be loyal to these grifters? Afghan men can fight...just like Vietnamese men could...however...there has to be willingness to do so. Not one American should buy any swill such as "this collapse caught everyone by surprise". No caught you by surprise. And why is it taking so long to get this Afghanis that supported our losing cause out of the county? What is this State Department vetting/Visa bullshit? So let me get this straight...we trusted these interpreters and other supporters access to our facilities...carrying weapons...fighting alongside us...and we still need to vet them now?!

Mainstream Media Has Joined The Circus

US Troops
Another Day...Another Shit Show Via TheGuardian

In addition to making the mistake of observing these worthless press briefings, I also left the TV on too long and got to hear the analysis of the mainstream media talking heads. You know...the retired military saps....the bureau chiefs...the ground correspondents. Again...stupefying. Now I don't need to hear any talking head interpret a USG briefing for me...I've attended enough of them. But as I heard them speak, I wondered if somehow I must have seen a different briefing. Now I know they are all gas bags with opinions...but oh boy...what a train wreck. Some CNN correspondent on the ground in Afghanistan...who has been there 10 years...said she was "surprised" by the swift collapse of the Afghan army. WTF!? What was she doing for 10 years...simply buying the swill that the US Embassy and military leaders were spewing? Sounds like it. Did anyone do some in-depth research on what the Afghanis really think when they are not around Americans? I guess when you spend all your time at the Officers Club...American Club...and whatever 5 star hotel you are in...that's what you report. CNN...MSNBC...FOX have lost whatever credibility they ever had...which was not that much to start with.

My Advice...Drink Heavily

Animal House
Biden...Milley...Flounder Via WebPB

So let's can't trust anything the USG is can't trust the mainstream media to provide an accurate what do you do? Stop caring? This is not about Afghanistan...this is about a US government that has not learned anything over the last 50 years. Now there are some reporters out there telling it like it is..but most are print journalists. Like Craig Whitlock with the Washington Post. The most ironic thing is that Biden...and the Democrats political future is in the hands of the Taliban. I can imagine the cash they are getting now from the US taxpayers as we beg them to let us leave peacefully.

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