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Americans: Suddenly Experts On The Use Of The English Language

se·man·tics /səˈman(t)iks/


Semantics seeks to describe how words are used-not to prescribe how they should be used.

Humpty Dumpty
A Word Means What I Say It Means Via Sporcle

I'm not sure if semantics is even taught anymore in the American schools system. Probably not. I mean why would we want people to learn how to determine the meaning of what other people are saying? Why would we want people to understand things like context when people are communicating? Semantics provide the common understanding required to communicate with others logically. One reason that this county is so divided is that disagreements often come about because there is confusion on the meaning of a word or phrase.

Everything Matters?

Man with mullet
All Lives Matter Y'all Via TheDailyDot

Take the phrase "black lives matter". Anyone in this country with half a brain should know by now that this term is specifically referring to the high number of black deaths by law enforcement. As recent events indicate, this is an issue in this country. So when people say…well..all lives matter…or blue lives matter…or tradition matters...they are just being ignorant, contrary and boorish. All lives matter? I guess you mean that we should abolish the death penalty right? I mean…all lives matter. How many people that snap back "all lives matter" do you think want to do away with the death penalty? Dumbasses. There is an organization called Black Lives Matter. They generally support the same cause along with some other things such as reducing incarceration of blacks. However, like any organization, they may support causes that not all people are in favor of, and that is understandable. But in general, when the term "black lives matter" is used, it is in the context of what I mentioned previously. This is semantics. At least understand the meaning, and context, before you go spouting off trite phrases like all lives matter. Green lives matter too….I love frogs.

And Another Thing

Colin Kaepernick
NFL..Not For Long Via Vox

It is just like the whole flag kneeling episode. It was clear to anyone that listened, that the flag kneeling was a form of peaceful protest over law enforcement brutality. The whole tangent about disrespect to the flag or the military were the ramblings of ass clowns. No one in the military joins and dies because of a piece of cloth...or a song. I took an oath to defend the constitution. These so called "patriots" who spout this crap about disrespect should probably move to a country where kneeling will get you tossed in jail…or worse.

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