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Americans Need To Smarten Up

"It's a republic...if you can keep it."

Benjamin Franklin

"There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide"

John Adams

"When the going gets weird...the weird turn pro"

Hunter Thompson

Continental Congress
Continental Congress Via Brittanica

Americans have been fortunate to experience over 200 years of democracy. Neither the Greek or Roman republics lasted long. In fact, for over 1700 years, democracy was looked at as a failed experiment, and the divine right of kings was deemed the way in which people should ruled. As a true republic, America's form of democracy was quite different that anything before it. With a republic, however, comes responsibility. Democracies are hard work. They are inefficient. They do though, provide the rights and freedoms that make it all worth it.

Responsibility Starts With Education

American Public School
American Public School Via Colorado Public Radio

Most Americans are stupid, and a lot of it is not your fault. The US school system is a train wreck. American teachers are woefully underpaid and curriculums are controlled by local school boards that think they know what is best for the students. The result is a haphazard approach that turns out under-educated adults. That needs to be fixed immediately. Finland has one of the best public school systems in the world. Their teachers are given a living wage and their curriculum is standardized so that well meaning, but often ignorant, local school districts do not get in the way. They emphasize the need to create better informed citizens. These better informed citizens understand how to responsible adults. They understand how political leadership affects their interests, passes legislation and approves judges. They understand how a responsible citizen is supposed to logically approach jury or grand jury duty. They make better public servants, like law enforcement. Also, every American should be offered higher education. At no cost. At least two years minimum. Education is the first step in creating the informed citizenry required to maintain a democratic republic. Sure, the streets were safe under Carlos. The trains ran on time under Mussolini. But what sort of dumbass would honestly think those sorts of things are important compared to a thriving democracy? Unfortunately, lots of Americans probably.

Want a donut Bro?

Cops asleep
Donuts....zzzz Via KTRV

I see the Minneapolis city council voted to disband and unfund the police force. Wow. Well done. Dunkin Donuts may go out of business. My idea was to fire all law enforcement and rehire new officers using more stringent screening criteria. This does the trick. Other police departments are doing things like banning use of dispersals and rubber bullets and banning choke holds. Some cities are putting law enforcement funds in to social services and youth programs. Others are pulling the police out of the public schools, which was a dumb idea anyway. Hire a private security guard and save money on cleaning up donut crumbs.

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