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Americans Are Stupid...But There Is Hope (Barely)

Test: Sleepy Joe Versus The Grifter

Man and Big Gulp
I swear...I Will Never Leave You BG Via TalkOfTheTown

By any metric you look at; standardized tests...critical thinking...preparation for the future; the American education system does not even rank in the top 20 worldwide. We are behind all the Scandinavian a you would expect...but also countries like the UAE...Poland...and Mexico. How can this be you mewl?! I'm smart!...I know a Big Gulp is at least...13 ounces! Harumph! Sorry pard...but the average American is stupid. I have had conversations with rug merchants in Pakistan and taxi drivers in the Philippines that are more enlightening than with any dumbass in this country in years. Is it your fault? Not totally. A country's education system is a reflection of it's culture and values. What values does America have...really? We value people like Mark Zuckerberg...who dropped out of Harvard...became a billionaire by a ripped off scam called Facebook...and by all accounts is as dumb as any of you...but hey...he is rich...and therefore admired in this country.

Homework Assignment

Homer Simpson
Duh...There's No Pictures.... Via Pinterest

So Americans have this event on 3 November called the "general election". Are you with me so far? It's a test of sorts...multiple choice if you will...with two choices. How do you prepare for this test Americans? Ask your friends for the answer? Toss a coin? Skip it? Read the Cliff notes? (other people's opinion on what the answer should be). Yes...I know this is how you have been conditioned to get through the American education system...but I will suggest an alternative...that appears to work in the rest of the world: Study for the test. Prepare...What you say?! Study for a test...who the hell has time for that?! I have two to to feed. Yes America...this test may require you put down the smokes...and think...if you want to stop being stupid for the rest of your life.

Make A Choice

Donald and Ivanka Trump
Ladies And Gentlemen...The President Of The United States Via Pinterest

If you still don't know who you are going to vote for...or if you are not going to vote at all...I have no comment...other than...jeez. However, if you are willing to prepare for the test, I have some recommendations. Do not base your decision on what the talking heads spew on CNN...MSNBC....FOX or any other mainstream media outlet. They are for-profit organizations that only consider increasing their viewership and the bottom line. Do not base your decision on the opinion pages of your go-to paper or online publication and let some gasbag influence you. They will sound intelligent...they will quote the Constitution...the Federalist Papers...the Bible. Guess what can actually read the Constitution...the Federalist Papers...and the Bible...I'm not kidding...they are actually the public...just about no cost! As are most references these swillmongers love to quote in their columns and talk shows to sound intelligent. Amazing I know. The interweb is crazy! I know that you do not have the education to think this way...but just try it. It's a little tedious I know...I mean that six pack is not going to drink itself...but it's pretty important. You can choose to vote for the future you want...or just be content with being stupid.

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