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2020 Election Autopsy: Democrats Have Some Work To Do

Biden and Harris
Hail To The Chief Via TheNewYorkTimes

Now that the election is over, yes, it's time for the 2024 campaign to begin. While the Democrats had success at the top of the 2020 ticket, they better get the smartest statisticians, pollsters and profilers on the case pronto. Biden's goal of "unifying the country" is stupid at best...and plain hubris at worst. Presidents don't unify a country...the people do...and when and if that ever happens is beyond a President's control. Instead, the people want results...job care...opportunity....and specifics on how that is going to happen. Unifying the country doesn't put food on the table. So Biden regained the "blue wall", but that's not really a gain at should be of been solid Democratic ground in 2016. So what went well for the Democrats? They took Georgia and Arizona...for the first time since the 1990's. They got out the vote in rural areas of the country. What didn't go well? They lost in Florida...they lost in Texas...and underperformed in both the Senate and the House. So if the Democrats want to avoid a one and done in 2024...get to work now!


Florida Hispanics
Get To Work Democrats Via

Florida is a diverse state, but I'm not sure the Democrats have figured out how to take advantage of that yet. Every successful Democratic candidate since 1996 has won Florida. This year was an exception. Why? I don't want to hear any whining about anti-Castro Cubans in Dade County making the difference. Their numbers were down compared to 2016, but that is not the whole story in Florida. Democrats need to understand the state in order to figure out how to win there. This has to be sorted out ASAP if they are going to have any chance in 2024.


Texas Hispanic Voters
Hmm...The Fat White Guy Or The Old White Guy Via NBCNews

No Democrat presidential candidate has won Texas since 1976. Biden came closer this year than any candidate since then, including Obama. So while Hispanics in Texas (and Arizona and Nevada) clearly came out in numbers for Biden in 2020, what's the real problem in Texas, especially in the counties along the Rio Grande? It's complex and needs to be sorted out. For one, many of the woke Democrats thought that Hispanics in Texas would not vote for Trump because he said "racist and mean things about them." Well...gringos have been saying racist and mean things about Hispanics since doubt that is something that many of them use in their decision making process on who they vote for. I'm not the expert on all the issues here...or the solutions...I just know that the Democrats better get on it now.

Math Problem

Florida Voter
Trump Or Biden Voter? Via SunSentinal

There are 3,141 counties in the US, and each of them different. You can slice age...gender....race and religious demographics 1000 different ways. The permutations are complex...and nothing should be taken for granted by the Democrats. Rural America cannot be written off as a lost cause in any race...Presidential or Congress. I think at the county level their needs to be more local expertise involved in understanding the problem. I would still like to know how the Democratic incumbent Senator in Alabama lost their seat to a Republican. Democrats really need to understand why...saying..."well...that's Alabama for you" doesn't cut it. Neither does coming close in Texas...or Florida.

And By The Way

Trump Supporters
Where Facts Die ViaFox40

In the spirit of....unity...I fully understand how a Trump voter may be disappointed by the outcome of the election. I may even understand how they may be sullen, resentful and express little interest in hearing what Biden has planned. What cannot be any Trump voter that proclaims that the election was fraudulent...or rigged....or their boy was robbed. In my opinion, anyone that goes down this path is irredeemable...and to be shunned. I'm not sure what else you can say on this topic.

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