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White House: 25 December 1:53 AM

Donald Trump
Donald Trump Photo by Jacki Ramirez from Pixabay

Donald Trump (DT): Mitch...are you there? WTF KellyAnn! one's on this go%dam# line!

Mitch McConnell (MM): Sir?...Mr. that you?

DT: Yes Mitch..who the hell else would it be? I got Mick and KellyAnn here and we need to strategize this impeachment thing. You have been ducking me on this....

MM: we discussed the other day..we need to put this quickly behind us...two months from now it will all be forgotten.

DT: Put it behind us?! What the hell are you talking about?! There has been a goddamn reality television show going on for 6 weeks and I need to get in on it! Who the hell are their producers anyway? It's crap. We could milk this thing until the primaries! If there's anything I understand its TV!

MM: Um...sir..are we talking about the Senate trial...or...

DT: Call it what you want Mitch...if it's on TV...and it's's reality TV...I have some ideas. Go ahead KellyAnn.

KellyAnn Conway (KC): I say we move it to Mar a Lago....get sort of a tropical vibe...put people at will f$#k the Dems up good sir.

DT: Excellent KC. Mick...what do you have?

Mick Mulvaney (MV): Uh...sir...under my lawyer's advice I need to...

DT: Goddammit Mick! Do we need to get lawyers involved in this...really!? If you want to talk to a f*&king lawyer call Rudy! Ok...what do you think Mitch?

MM: Sir...I would argue that the stakes are a little high here and...

DT: Mitch...we are talking January timeframe here....people are looking for things to's a f*%king ratings goldmine! I need to think of everything!?...get a staffer on it...send me some producers...let's get to it!


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marge k.
marge k.
Jan 14, 2020

Different decade, same old s---!


marge k.
marge k.
Dec 28, 2019

Again, LMAO at this one. The 3 way conversation sounded almost real.

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