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Trumps Cult: The Banshees Are Coming To Roost

Trump Cult
"He's Like An Angel Maude" Via GQ

ban·shee /ˈbanSHē/

noun 1. (in Irish legend) a female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death in a house. "the little girl dropped her ice cream and began to howl like a banshee"

By all accounts, there is a day of reckoning ahead for America. All we are waiting for is the death knell for a depraved con man. The question then becomes: what next for the misguided souls that fell for this ass clown's swill? How will they cope with the downfall of their beloved leader? Will they resort to a sort of bizarre "hero worship"? (I still see pictures of Mussolini on occasion). Will they simply chalk it up to a profound lesson in stupidity? And...who are these people really? Well...they come in three categories.


Your Rooms Are Ready Via SamuelAllen

The first group are our friends...neighbors...coworkers...relatives...the guy at the doughnut shop...regular people..that for one reason or another...fell under the spell of a miscreant. I have written about this group before. They are ill informed due to a poor American education system...have a general lack of curiosity of the world around them...or just gullible in general. If they are people that have conservative values...and were simply "done wrong" by the Republican party for the past four years...there may be hope for them to get their heads right. In other words....they do not really believe in the racism...misogyny...and pedophilia of their leader....but they were to stupid to think critically about the draft dodger and his creepy behavior. They should be brought back in to the fold if at all possible....I mean we even forgave the secessionists after a bloody civil war in this country.


JOe McCarthy
Hey...I'm Just Doing My Job Via Medium

The second group are the Republican politicians that hitched their star to this nut job. They are the sycophants...the lickspittles....the toads. You see and hear less and less of them lately. They made a political calculation...and I guess we will see how that works out for them. The ones that will get thrown out will write books....go on talk shows...and may eventually disavow their leader. They should be shunned at all costs. They are grown men and women that gambled...and lost. I'm not saying they can't be forgiven...however...they should not be given any sort of attention. George Wallace supposedly had a "change of heart" in his final days. I'm sure it made him feel better...but he's pretty much remembered as a racist and segregationist. So Mitch...and Lindsey..and the rest of that ilk should scuttle away like land crabs when their bells toll.

Star Fuckers

Willie Wonka
Get Me Hope Hicks...ASAP! Via MemeGenerator

These people have always been around. They are attracted to people in power and are willing to compromise their beliefs in order to get their fix...or really have no values and just adopt their leaders crackpot craziness. These are the John Kelly's...John Boltons...KellyAnn Conway's....Katelyn McEnany's...Hope Hicks etc....etc...etc. They are the yes-men...and women....the zombified humans that serve their master because that's the way they are programmed. I am sorry to say...without years of therapy....these people are probably not salvagable. Their best option is to retreat to a rural area and raise sheep or something. They are to be pitied...and forgotten.

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