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Trump: Worst American President Since James Buchanan (1861)

"He don't like resistance I know

He said it last night on a big TV show"

Joan Baez

Federal troops in Portland
I Love The Smell Of Dispersants In The Evening Via Reuters

Historians usually rank presidents after their term of office, but what's the use in waiting with this ass clown. The only people that could possibly disagree with this assessment are the ever dwindling MAGA dumbasses. Even turtle McConnell is jumping ship. So what is the main criteria for being a good president?: Convincing the people (congress) to legislate and fund your vision. That's it. The worst presidents have a vision that is by definition terrible (since the majority will not approve), and then they go a step further, by dividing the people. In other words, be a convincer and do no harm. Buchanan got almost no legislation passed, and also refused to acknowledge the damage of slavery and racism to the country. Sound familiar?

Where Have You Gone James Pierce

Trump in oval office
My 450th Executive Order Via Newsweek

Regan was not a good president because he ended the Cold War. He was good because he convinced congress to fund a massive military buildup that eventually forced Russia to fold. Lincoln was not a great president because he ended slavery. He is great because he convinced a divided congress to support his efforts to do so. Good presidents get their visions in to law. Say what you want about Obama, but he got the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in to the law of the land. The draft dodger can issue all the executive orders, presidential decision memorandums and tweets he wants...but none of that matters. All the next president has to do is cancel them with a stroke of the pen, and they are done. I actually went to Trump's website on what he has done....and...oh boy....what a swill fest. Trump signs an executive order....Trump signs an executive order....Trump signs an executive order...WTF!? Where is the legislation MAGA people! Crickets...Your boy legislate a wall....legislate abolishment of the ACA...legislate a new immigration has that gone?! What? say that its congress's fault? He had the house and senate for two years! How did he fuck that up?! Easy. I refer you to paragraph one above.

I Will Make Mexico Pay For That Wall....

Trump near bananas
Fits Perfect! Via RMagination

The last 3 1/2 years have been an epic fail of presidential ability to execute their any American history. If a president can't get anything done....then at least do no harm. Epic fail here also. The US passport...once accepted in 192 not welcome anymore. Next...due to the draft dodger's failed vision...the US dollar will no longer be the gold standard in American currency. All China has to do is call in their loans (yes....the Chinese own most of the US debt)...and then we have to start cutting entitlement programs to pay the vig. Can you say failed state?

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