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Trump Media...And Fact Versus Opinion

Where Facts Go To Die Via WishTV

Here we go again. I feel that we have to have another discussion about Americans and their inability to think critically, and separate facts from opinions, as they stumble about their daily business. During the recent "election week", I spent a good deal of time switching between television channels CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC and CBS. All of them are biased in some way or another. Either the the tone of the whole network is biased, or at a minimum, certain individual journalists are clearly unable to keep their bias out of their reporting. There is also an overabundance of opinions, vice facts, on all of them. So for those Americans that prefer to get their "news" on television, what is the solution? How about don't be a dumbass! Understand that any for-profit, television heavy, news organization, will prioritize profit over all else. That's fine, you just need to understand it. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are obviously biased. So are Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper. Does that mean you should not watch them? If they are entertaining, and provide enjoyment, then who am I to say what you watch, or not watch, on television? You just need to understand, that they are primarily voicing their opinions. Also, all these "news" channels have guests and frequent contributors, carefully chosen of course, to follow the "party line".. Again, these folks may be fine people, and experts in their fields, but they are voicing their opinions and not facts.

There Are Options

Sean Hannity
This Just In...The World Is Flat Via ARSTechnica

So where can you go to obtain unbiased news reports? There are many studies on the topic, and there are options out there. One is the Associated Press. They are consistently ranked first on just about every study of unbiased media sources. They have the same information as CNN, MSNBC or FOX, however, they are delivered in a neutral tone. Another option is PBS News. They present all sides to an issue and provide lots of context, especially when they provide quotes from leaders or politicians. A third option is NPR News. Although they are more frequently accused of liberal bias than than the previous two, it's limited to a couple of their journalists.

Can't Wait

Kayleigh McEnnany
Live...It's Saturday Night! Via DailyMail

So if the orange draft dodger wants to start his own media empire?...have at it!. I look for entertainment wherever it's available. I like an illogical rant as much as the next person. I just understand it's funny....or sad....or entertaining....just not true. The problem is not Trump...or Hannity...or Bannon...or Maddow. They do what they do to get high ratings...and big paychecks. Hell, I doubt many of them believe half of what they say...but it sure sells to the rubes in Iowa. As long as dumbass Americans believe that their swill are facts...that's just the way it is.

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