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Trump impeachment needs to play out

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

19th Century congressional drawing
Congressional Debate Photo by Wikilimages from Pixabay

The current impeachment process will play out, one way or the other. The end result may be predictable at this time, but things could change. As of now, the process is typical of the current environment, and very partisan. Most Republicans supported Nixon until August 1974 during that impeachment process. Then they didn't. You can call the impeachment process political. You can call it a waste of time. You can say it is not good for the country. You can say you don't support it. You can say Americans should voice their displeasure at the ballot box and not through the impeachment process. All well and good, but it is happening. I would suggest if you fall in the category above, you should consider a few other things.

No one is above the judicial process

Senator Mark Dayton
Senator Mark Dayton Photo by mnjobscoalition from Pixabay

Notice I said no one is above the judicial process and not that no one is above the law. Of course no one is above the law and that statement adds no value to this discussion. The difference between the president and all other Americans, is that a sitting president cannot be suspected of committing a crime and indicted (formally charged) by the justice department. On the other hand, if the federal government suspects you and I have committed a crime, that information goes to a grand jury of citizens. It is held in private and you or your lawyer are not permitted to attend. The federal prosecutor presents their evidence and guess what...the federal grand jury agrees 99.9pct of the time. In 2010 162,351 federal cases went before a grand jury and only 11 were declined. Now you know where the prosector phrase "I could indict a ham sandwich" comes from. Once a citizen is indicted then they have the joy of defending themselves against the US government. Since a sitting president cannot be indicted, the impeachment process is in place. Basically, the House of Representatives acts as the grand jury. But these hearings may be public. If the House of Representatives finds evidence of impeachable offenses (which are not just criminal by the way) the evidence is then sent to the Senate who act as the high court. A Senate conviction requires a a 2/3 vote.

Remain Calm

US Capitol Building
U.S. Capitol Building Photo by Foreal35 from Pixabay

Ok. So the impeachment process has started. It will run its course. The Senate will render a decision. There will either be a conviction or acquittal. We then move on. Or should move on. There will be a general election in November 2020 regardless of what happens. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton went through the impeachment process and were acquitted. Richard Nixon went through it and resigned before the Senate vote, as he knew he would be convicted. Therefore, there has never been a US president convicted by impeachment. You can agree or disagree with the current process, but it is happening anyway. I suggest you just go with it...or like me...simply look at it as entertainment.

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