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Trump And Biden: Separated At Birth

How About That Merkel Joe? Via Politico

I would say what a tragedy it is that the next choice for the American president boils down to two 70-something miscreants of little redeeming value. However, that is what Americans have decided, so go for it. In a democracy you get what you elect.

Just The Two Of Us

Trump and Marines
How's My Hair? Via DailyBeast

If you get beyond the tropes, Trump and Biden have a lot in common. They are both draft dodgers. Trump had bone spurs. Biden asthma. Now as I mentioned before, I do not judge anyone for what they did with respect to the military…just own it! At least Dick "waterboard" Cheney said he had more important things to do rather than join the military. In the 90's, Biden was a big proponent for criminilazitation of drug crimes, militarization of the law enforcement and protection of police in the courts. I'm sure bone spurs would agree. Biden voted in support of the war in Iraq…well…actually bone spurs may not have…but we don't know. Biden and Obama did nothing in 8 years to resolve American efforts in Afghanistan or Iraq. Biden and Obama deported more immigrants than ever before. Trump and Joe are both creepy old white guys. What am I missing here?

Hey Joe

Austin Powers
Not Prudent Via

If Hubert Humphrey and George Herbert Walker Bush had a love child….Joe would be the result. He is a prudent….20th century…chicken hawk. Medicare for all?….not prudent!. Leave Afghanistan….Syria….Iraq….wherever the hell else we are….not prudent! Overhaul law enforcement….not prudent! Four years of this guy will be less tumultuous…but then again 4 years of Huey Newton would be also...compared to bone spurs. However, don't expect much change in policy from Joe. He will just be quieter about it. He has not had an original thought since 1992. At least he has that going for him.

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