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Trump Has Some Real Legal Issues Looming

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No one in this country should be subject to overzealous prosecution...and the law should be applied equally...unless you are a sitting president. However, once the draft dodger in chief becomes just another grifter on January 20th...things change. All of a sudden...he is exposed. No ex-president has ever been prosecuted for crimes committed while in office. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to Trump. First, even if he somehow pardons himself for any crimes committed while in office, that only applies to any federal offenses, not state. Second, Trump has some legal jeopardy for things committed prior to becoming president. There are a number of investigations ongoing, and, I don't see these stopping for any reason once his fat ass is on the street.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Paul Newman
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To be clear, everyone in this country is presumed innocent until proven guilty. These are just the facts:

The Manhattan District Attorney has an ongoing criminal fraud investigation on the payment of hush money in 2016 to two women who alleged they had affairs with Trump (which he denies). There is also a second fraud investigation over a loan application which contained false information and may also have been manipulated for tax purposes.

The Manhattan District Attorney is also investigating Trump payment of "consulting fees" to Ivanka as a way of reducing taxable income..

The New York State Attorney General's office has an ongoing civil fraud investigation ongoing over the misrepresentation of the value of assets on loan applications with potential lenders.

The Internal Revenue Service may be owed as much as 100 million in unpaid taxes.

There are two civil defamation lawsuits filed in New York by women that claimed they were raped by Trump. Although the state statute of limitations on the rape charges have expired, the civil suits claim that Trump falsely denies the accusations.

Trump's niece Mary has filed a civil suit in New York alleging that Trump and his sister defrauded her of a portion of the estate when Trump's father died in 1999.

These are just the ongoing investigations. Many would say that Trump has committed numerous obstruction of justice violations while in office. It is highly doubtful that the Biden administration would pursue any federal charges against Trump, even if he did not pardon himself. However, does anyone think that Trump would do the same if given the opportunity?

My Advice

Trump and Saudis
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The New York investigations will continue. Fraud convictions are no joke, and can involve years in prison. Sentences lengths for billionaire con men that defraud the public have soared recently, due to miscreants like Bernie Madoff. My advice: Get Russia and Saudi Arabia on speed dial ASAP. Neither have extradition treaties with the US, and besides, the Saudi's owe you big time for your help covering up that Khashoggi murder in Turkey.

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