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Sports Schmortz: Who Cares?

Alex Karras
Alex Karras Via USAToday

In addition to COVID-19….and citizen reactions to law enforcement dumbassery….there is the constant background noise of professional and college sports starting up again. Let me sum it up from my perspective….I….Don't Care! That's right. WGAF. Don't get me wrong. I love sports. I played sports. On fall Saturday's I've been known to watch 14 hours of college football…straight. I can watch the NFL for days. I watch the NBA. I watch baseball and hockey (if Detroit teams are playing). I love the PGA majors. I love the Olympics…World Cup events. I watch F1…and NASCAR…the English Premiere League. In fact the only reason I pay for ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, NBCSN…SEC Network…Big Ten Network…ACC Network…is because of live sports. However, I have not seen a live sporting event in over two months…and guess what…I have not missed a thing. I read about the Boer War…I read Shakespeare…Hugo…Dickens….I studied the battle at Bannockburn….I analyzed why the US went off the gold standard. I did not wait around for ass clowns to tell me sports were back.

The Times They Are A Changing

Empty baseball game
No Fans Via TheOregon

So if Major League baseball does not happen this year….meah…If the stupid NBA Florida "bubble" playoffs go pear shaped because of COVID…oh well. If college football and the NFL suddenly realize…..oh crap….we have COVID positive players…what do we do?!?! Shut it down. I…don't…care. What the hell did we do before organized sports were paraded in front of our dumb asses? Chop wood? Read a book? Pull weeds? Paint fences? Hell if I know. Somehow we got through it. I understand how big the sports industry is in this country. It provides a living for millions of people. However, things may be different for a while. Maybe not forever, but for the near term. I'm sure the whale bone corset industry had its challenges also.

A Daily Swillfest

Mike Gundy
Is That A Mullet? Via PublicRadioTulsa

And you know what will set major sports back more than any pandemic? The dumbasses in charge. Roger Goodell? Jeez. The guy makes over 40 million a year and it there is anyone more dumber associated with the NFL…I would like to meet them. And these major college football coaches. What a crew. For decades college athletes lived in fear of these cretins, less they lose their scholarships…or get benched….or worse. Now they are being called out….rightfully so. Take Mike Gundy…that goofy football coach at Oklahoma State. He is called out by his star running back…for wearing a "One America News" t-shirt. One America News is a right wing media organization….that among other things…known for its divisive and incorrect portrayals of events….and conspiracy theories. Now Gundy must either be the dumbest person in Oklahoma…which is saying something…or is a fan of One America News. I frankly don't care either way. So what does this genius do? Backs down of course…like the coward he is. Offers up some weak sauce like…."I was not aware of how sensitive things like this are in the current environment". What? You are a grown man…correct sir? Over 40? So…you took shirt the off because it was insensitive….or because your players called you on it…or you really don't subscribe to what that media outlet stands for? Hell if I know…but he is too stupid to be leading a division one football team…even in Oklahoma. It's hard to believe, but only NASCAR had a good look this week. NASCAR?!….who would have thunk it?

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