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John Kelly And Other Ex-Trump Cult Members: STFU!

John Kelly and Trump
Cult Member Transfixed Via VanityFair

"Former White House chief of staff tells friends that Trump 'is the most flawed person' he's ever met"

No one has less credibility than an ex cult member. I got fell under the sway of a nut..then realized at some point that you made a mistake...and now want to let the whole world know all your "valued" insights. Well sir...your were a dumbass why should I want to hear any of your swill now?! Note to all ex Trump cult members...John "Walrus" Bolton...Anthony "Mooch" Scaramucci...Jim Mattis...H.R. McMaster....etc....etc....shut...the...fuck..up! Or better yet...join some sort of ex-cult support group...maybe you'll run in to Patti Hearst and can swap stories on how dumb your asses were. She had the excuse of being a young and vulnerable person...what exactly is yours?

No Excuses Sir

Cult Members
Welcome Mr. Kelly Via TheGuardian

So Mr. Kelly...when exactly did you come to this realization that Trump "is the most flawed person you have you ever met"? Was it when he said he enjoyed "grabbing women by the pussy"?....or when he told Howard Stern his "daughter was hot and he'd date her"?...or when...exactly? Since those events were public....before the election...and before you took the job...was that acceptable behavior for a US president in your mind? Or did every lame ass in history...feel "it was your duty" as a retired general...and "reasonable man" to keep your boss "in the box." How did that work out for you? Or for any of the ex cult members? Just admit were another feeble minded dope...that was conned by a grifter...and now want to tell us all about it. Your lot writes books and pontificates in the mainstream media because that's all you can do now...I mean you are to stupid to be hired by anyone with half a brain.


Mooch Saves The Day Via NBCNews

Do not listen to any of these ex Trump cult gasbags. They are marked men and women as far as I'm concerned. They deserve no platform and have nothing of value to add to any conversation about the draft dodger. At best they are just stupid worst they are opportunists. Instead of telling us your sob story about how deranged your cult leader about doing something to address the problem...other than writing hack books and crying to the media.

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