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John Bolton Has A Book: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

"The time has come," the Walrus said,

   "To talk of many things:

Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—

   Of cabbages—and kings—

And why the sea is boiling hot—

   And whether pigs have wings."

Lewis Carroll

Walrus cartoon
Can I Sleep Now Via Crem-Bru-La

So the Walrus finally put out his book….I'm not sure about you…but the suspense was killing me. Who is this guy again? I recall his name coming up quite a bit 6 months ago. So now this genius lets us know that Trump asked China to help him win in 2020….yawn….Pompeo thought Trump was a dingbat….yawn….Trump told China concentration camps for Uighurs were cool…zzzzzzzz…Trump said Angela Merkel was a great piece of a%%….what?!! That got your attention! All those other things…were all said before pretty much….in public…by bone spurs...and no one cared. So why should we care now? He said he could shoot someone in Times Square and be immune and everyone yawned. Now, since Bolton puts out a book, this drivel is supposed to….do what exactly? Other than get him a fat check. The 40% of Americans that worship this ass clown president will only dig in harder. The 40% who think he is a deadbeat grifter will shrug and say "what else is new." The other 20% couldn't give a s%it about who the president is…and I may be joining that group soon. Well done Mr. Bolton. Barnum and Bailey has nothing on you.

"Bolton Accuses Trump Of Lying"

John Bolton
I Am The Walrus Via USAToday

Uh….what? It can't be!! This will not stand…harumph. By tomorrow even CNN will not be able to keep a straight face discussing the "revelations" in Bolton's book. Admittedly, the entire text has not been released in full yet, so perhaps there may be something in it that is truly interesting. However, if the swill we were presented with today is this book's equivalent of a "trailer", then it is bomb city. By this time next week Bolton will just be another draft dodging chickenhawk that has been conning this country for over 30 years. However, unlike Trump and Biden, at least Bolton has admitted he dodged the draft. Wait now…this just in…another excerpt from the Walrus's book….Trump….and Putin…admire each other. What!? Outrageous!!…Putin is former KGB…and a dictator by any other definition…and he is admired by an American president?!? This will not be tolerated…harrumph.

Oh Well

Walrus in Alice in Wonderland
Iran Experts Via HeritageAuctionComics

Jeez. The last thing I thought I would write about today is some washed up reactionary hack and his screed. Here's the deal: There is nothing anyone can say or write about Trump that will push the needle in any direction. He could have a dungeon in the White House full of dwarves...and no one would flinch. He could be a pedophile friend of Epstein's...oh...wait...he actually was that....and the Evangelists would say..."yes....we're all sinners." He makes Fatty Arbuckle look like class act and no one bats an eye. He has the perfect gig..and he knows it. I think I'll listen to some "Magical Mystery Tour." (the walrus was Paul…)

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