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Was 6 January 2021 America's "Beer Hall Putsch"?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Beer Hall Putsch
It's Cool Folks...We Learned Our Lesson Via TheNation

On 8 November 1923, a failed artist named Adolph Hitler orchestrated a coup against the Weimar Republic, now known as the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler was charged with treason and given a 5 year sentence, yet only spent 9 months in prison. This leniency emboldened him to write Mein Kampf, and to eventually rise to power in Germany. So the question is, what is our government going to do to ensure that the 6 January coup leaders are not similarly emboldened to continue attacks against our democracy? Will there be accountability with severe sentences for all those involved, to include Trump, Don Jr, Giuilani and the 147 congressional leaders that put insurrection above country?

What Ever Happened To Tar And Feathering?

You In The Wrong Woods Boy Via MovieCult

In 1861, congressional leaders that sided with the confederate cause were censored and shunned; eventually forced to leave office. So what the hell is taking so long now? It's pretty simple really, any congressional leader that objected to the electoral vote count, violated their oath to the constitution. They chose fealty to a terrorist leader and support of an insurrection instead of following the constitution on how we seat a president and vice president in this country.

Don't Listen To the Psychopaths

Trump and Cruz
Just The Two Of Us Via KHOU

None of them are sorry for what they did. They are just sorry they got exposed and caught. Calls for "healing" are a charade, perpetuated by those that are just out to save their skins. Healing also includes accountability and justice, which they seem to conveniently forget. We cannot allow this insurrection to be overlooked as the last gasp of a deranged movement, like the Weimar Republic chose to do in 1923. Terminate...with extreme prejudice.

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