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Have A Brew Stoney...Don't Cost Nothing

Stone and Trump
I Got Your Back Stoneman Via NYTimes

So now the draft dodger has given a political ally...who will not spend a day in prison...after being convicted of lying to Congress....among other order to protect the draft dodger,,,and his fascination with all things an election year. About covers it I guess. They have a word for this: corruption. It would be like Richard Nixon giving clemency to Haldeman, Erlichman, Mitchell, Colson, Liddy...etc, and the country shrugging it off. Could that have happened? could have. The president has absolute clemency authority. Even Nixon did. Would it have happened? No! Why? Because the Republican leadership would have strung Nixon up by his heels if he even thought about doing something like that. So what are the current Republican leaders doing about this blatant act of corruption by bone spurs? Mitch...Mitch...are you there Mitch? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....Jeez...where is Barry Goldwater when you need him.

Can't Have It Both Ways

Barr and Trump
How's That Flynn Thing Going WB? Via NBCNews

Have other presidents granted clemency and pardons to their political allies? Yes. However, it is usually done at the end of a second term, and there is no explanation forthcoming. This dope grants a political an election year (hard to believe I know)...and then he yaps that he did it because Stoney didn't get a fair trial and the FBI investigators are the "scum of the earth." WTF?! Stoney was treated like thousands of Americans are treated everyday in the federal justice system. What makes this miscreant any different and worthy of special treatment? He has a pal in the White House of course. Thats it. If Trump, or any of his acolytes, feel that the federal judicial system is flawed (it is), then do something about it! If your leader says that federal investigators are scum and the system is unfair, then you MAGA hat wearing dumbasses should be voting not-guilty, every time, if ever on a federal jury then. Does that happen? No. Because you are not bright enough to recognize the distinction between a flawed judicial system and the actions of the draft dodger. From your point of view, Stoney did not receive a fair trial because bone spurs says so. While the poor schmuck looking at 10 years for a gram of meth gets what he deserves, because your dear leader did not say otherwise.

Is This OK With You?

Banana Doll
Welcome To America Via PittsburghNews

Should this be acceptable in a Democratic Republic? On the bright side, Stoney is still a convicted felon, unless he receives a presidential pardon, which cannot be done until 5 years after the conviction date. We hope. By that time, bone spurs will be holed up in Trump Tower watching Ice Station Zebra in the nude and growing 5 inch nails.

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